Dragon’s Colours

Lesson 1.4 Dragon’s Colours

1. Make up true sentences



The yellow dragon isn’t

Go by plane.

The white dragon is

Lives in a dark cave.

Redle doesn’t


Greeny and Yellowie don’t

Goes by car.


Go by bus.

The green dragon

Colours the white dragon.

2. Say true sentences about the story in 1 minute

… is…

… goes…

… isn’t…

… doesn’t go…

… lives…

has got…

… doesn’t live…

… hasn’t got…

3. Read and put the words in the right order.

Dragons Colours

4. How does the white dragon travel?

Dragons Colours

4. Answer the questions in Task 3.

5. Read and finish the sentences.

Chameleon goes… The dragon’s legs are…

The dragon is very… The dragon is not…

Chameleon. You are not polite! So your legs are white forever!

Dragon. Sorry…

Chameleon goes away, he is very angry and doesn’t want to see the dragon.

Dragon. I am not polite and he goes away. But I’m very bright! I’ll go to see my friends.

He goes by train back to the wood. The friends are very happy to see him.

Greeny. Look, you have got a green chest!

Yellowie. And yellow hands!

Redle. And a red head!

Greeny. But why are your legs white?

Dragon. I wasn’t

polite and Chameleon was very angry with me. He didn’t colour my legs.

All together. Be polite all the time!

6. Match the pictures to the sentences.

Dragons Colours

A) Greeny pollutes the air.

B) Redle pollutes the water.

C) Chameleon pollutes the cave.

Speak about every dragon:

… pollutes… when he/she…

… doesn’t pollute… when he/she…

7. Roll the dice. Look at the pictures and make up true sentences.

Yellowie says to go to the dark cave.

Chameleon doesn’t want to colour the dragon’s legs.

Dragons Colours

8. Write the answers to the questions in Task 3.

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