Ecology. Environment Problems




A) Ecology. Environment Problems

Ex. 1, p. 9

1. It is a well-known fact that plants are living beings and can react on you. Some of them lire very sensitive. They can even feel your emotion that is why it is recommended to treat them mi human beings. In other words talk to your plants and give them love.

2. I like plants but frankly saying I do not like gardening and looking after plants. But it is said 11 comes with years.

3. In our country people give each other flowers when there is a holiday or when they want to express some emotions or feelings such as love, thankfulness, respect and appreciation and so on.

Ex. 4, p. 10

1. The streets are very busy and the traffic is really heavy.

2. There is plenty of space for cars to park.

3. The air is really polluted; you can hardly breathe.

4. The streets aren’t very clean and people drop Utter everywhere.


The streets are very quiet and peaceful.

6. There are lots of trees and green fields nearby; it’s a beautiful village.

7. Tim government should pass a law to ban cars.

8. Logging companies cut down too many trees.

9. We must look after our planet before it’s too late.

10. We can’t survive without air and water.

11. The government wants to create a park where endangered species can live safely.

Ex. 5, p. 11

I. Chemicals from factories and litter pollute the land.

2. Oil spills and chemicals from aerosol cans pollute the seas and rivers.

3. Smoke from chimneys and traffic fumes cause air pollution.

Ex. 7, p. 11

Global warming, drinking water (portable water), oil spills, water shortages, public transport, logging companies, leaking pipes, recycled paper, air pollution, acid rain.

Global warming was caused by human activities in the 20ih century. Logging companies are interested in wood production increasing.

Oil spills threaten all living beings in the sea.

The main problem in Africa and

India is not only starvation but water shortages as well. The system of public transport is rather developed in our city.

The use of recycled paper saves our trees and forests.

Leaking pipes are the main reason of water shortages especially in big cities.

Air pollution, acid rains and global warming were caused by industrial growth in the past century.

Ex. 10, p. 12

1) b, 2) b, 3) e.

Ex. 13) p. 14

1) cars – air pollution

2) hunters-endangered species

3) logging companies – rainforest

Huge pollution of air is caused by cars used in large cities.

Endangered species of animals such as black rhinos, elephants are still being killed by hunters.

Rainforests have been destroyed by logging companies in many parts of our planet.

The causes of air pollution are: industrial smoke from chimneys, car emissions, people activity.

The causes of dying out of some animals are: pollution of environment, greenhouse effect (climate changes), hunting.

The causes of rainforest disappearing are: greenhouse effect (climate changes), agriculture, human activity.

Ex. 15, p. 14

1. to ban cars

2. air pollution

3. traffic fumes

4. acid rain

5. public transport

6. logging companies

7. rare plants

8. to plant trees

9. cleaner air

10. endangered species

11. basic needs

12. to live safely

They banned the traffic of private cars in the center of city.

Air pollution is a result of industrial revolution in the 20th century.

Traffic fumes and industrial emissions have already caused greenhouse effect.

Acid rains heavily injure plants all over the world.

Logging companies destroy our green house.

Every year many rare plants disappear due to climate changes happening last years.

It is very important to plant trees especially in large cities to make air cleaner.

There are hundred endangered species that need our help to survive.

Nowadays it is not easy to satisfy basic needs of all human beings on the planet without harming environment because the population of Earth is growing too fast.

Ex. 16, p. 14

1. Having more buses would improve public transport in cities.

2. Heavy traffic causes a lot of air pollution.

3. If we created more parks in our cities, they would be nicer places to live in.

4. It’s so polluted I can’t breathe properly.

5. Many people hunt endangered species for their fur.

6. Acid rain destroys plants.

Ex. 17, p. 15

B) 1) b; 2) b; c; 3) c; 4) a; b; c.

Ex. 20, p. 17


1.2) Northern Europe will be covered in ice.

2.4) People will survive using primitive farming methods.

3.3) The climate will get warmer.

4.5) The climate will start to get cooler.

5.1) Oil and coal will run out.

6.6) There will be no more pollution.


1) a kind of tree – pine;

2) keeping groups of animals for agricultural purposes – herding animals;

3) a kind of arctic animal – reindeer;

4) predicts – forecasts;

5) go down – to get cooler (about temperature), to fall (about sea level);

6) go away – to disappear;

7) techniques – methods.

Ex. 27, p. 19

If we create special parks for animals, some species won’t die out.

If people use less paper, they would save rainforests.

If we drive electric care, people in cities would be he>

Hunters should be taught that it is wrong to kill animals.

Ex. 29, p. 20

2. Acid rain kills trees and plants.

3. People wouldn’t need to use their cars so much then and our cities would be he>

4. If hunters continue to kill endangered species there will soon be none of them left.

5. One of our most basic needs will disappear. It is oxygen.

6. Trees produce oxygen. Oxygen is so important for us because it is one of our most basic needs.


1 – M

2 – J

3 – R

4 – J

5 – R

6 – M






To ban cars to improve public transport walking more

Air pollution bad state of he>






To ban hunting for endangered species of animals, to create special parks

Rare and endangered animals

Diversity of animal kingdom





To stop logging companies from destroying the rainforest, to make the logging companies plant new trees

Destroying. and disappearing of trees and the wildlife, disappearing of oxygen

Diversity of animal and plant kingdom enough oxygen he>

Ex. 30, p. 21




Put bins on every street corner have more trees/green areas improve public transport people use bicycles people recycle things create more parks

People not drop litter in streets people have more oxygen people leave cars at home cities be less polluted not be so much rubbish everywhere children be able to play safely

1) It the authorities put rubbish bins on every street comer, people wouldn’t drop litter in the streets.

2) If cities have more trees and green areas, people will have more oxygen.

3) If they improve public transport, people can leave cars at home.

4) People should use bicycles to provide cities be less polluted.

5) If people recycle things there will not be so much rubbish everywhere.

6) City authorities should create more paries for children be able to play safely.

Ex. 32, p. 21

Man pollutes nature, the air and sea. Water is polluted and becomes poisoned, forests disappear. Land becomes infertile: plants and animals die out. Conservationists fight pollution, protect nature. People get together to protest, to demonstrate their unity to achieve this survival aim.

Ex. 37, p. 22

If I were a leader of my country, I would close all factories which pollute the nature. I will make them take necessary measures to reduce their harmful activity and influence on the nature. I’ll make authority stimulate the interest of people for electrical engine car to avoid further air pollution. I’ll make authority stimulate planting trees and gardens in big cities and small towns.

Ex. 38, p. 22

1. The advantages of industrial development are the following: further development of humanity, technology, perfection of human standards of living. Disadvantages of industrial development are: pollution, dying out of some animals, greenhouse effect, climate changes.

2. I think not. Some species might be saved. But we can not save the nature only by creation of reservations. Humans should change their mentality, behaviour and attitude to the nature itself.

3. The moving – out of enterprises from big cities can solve environmental problems only in those cities.

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