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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, усного мовлення, уживання в мовленні граматичних структур і лексичних одиниць із теми, розвивати вміння послідовно висловлюватися іноземною мовою, мовну здогадку.


1. Warm-up

Answer the questions.

1) What sports are popular in our country?

2) What is your favourite kind of sport?

3) How many physical training lessons a week have you got at school?

4) Do you like them?

5) Do you go in for any sport?

6) Have you got any sport festival at your school?

2. Writing

Find all the words which are connected with sports.









High jump


Running track


Long jump



Throwing the discus hurdles races


3. Listening

Write the following words on the board, then read the definitions and ask pupils to match the words to them: a competitor, a spectator, a mackintosh, a fleet, a hurdle, a result, a trophy.

1) A person who takes part in competitions.

2) A person who watches competitions.

3) A piece of clothes.

4) A prize for winning a race or other competition, especially a silver cup.

5) A group of planes, cars, buses that are controlled by one company.

6) A frame that a person or horse has to jump over during a race.

The final number of points at the end of a competition or a game.

4. Speaking


Ukrainian equivalents.

1) whole

2) beforehand

3) in case

4) at last

5) look forward to

6) even

7) half an hour’s ride

8) inside

9) plenty of

10) ahead

11) at the same time

5. Writing

Complete the sentences.

1) In the late spring or summer we usually have ___.

2) When we have a sports day there are ___.

3) We usually go to the field ____.

4) The spectators are always ready to ____.

5) All the results we can see ____.

6) We should get the most points to win ____.

Key: a sports day, no lessons, by bus, cheer up their teams, on the blackboard, a trophy.

6. Speaking

Answer the questions.

1) How often do the children have a sports day?

2) Why don’t the pupils of this school have a sports day at their place?

3) Are the schoolchildren glad to have a sports day?

4) Do they have lessons on that day?

5) Why do they sometimes worry?

6) What do they take with them?

7) What do the competitors (the spectators) do at first?

8) What can you see inside the circular track?

9) How can the spectators see a lot at the same time?

10) How can the spectators know which team is ahead?

11) What is a “house”?

12) How can the spectators differ the “houses”?

13) How many races are there?

7. Writing

Fill in the gaps.

We are best results


Sports clothes

Cheer up

Packed lunches

Bus playing field


The high jump


Centre to

Every year we have a (1) _____ day. As we haven’t got a (2) _____ at our school we have to go to the sports (3) _____. We usually go there by (4)__________________ ______ and take our mackintoshes and (5) ______ with us. As we arrive (6) _______ the centre we put on our (7) _____. Our spectators take their places to (8) ______ us. Our team take part at (9) ______, the long jump, throwing the (10) ________, but we are usually the (11)________ at the hurdles races. We are (12) _______________________ when we see our good (13) ________ on the blackboard. And, of course, we (14) ________ at the top of happiness when (15)_______ win a cup.

Key: 1) sports, 2) playing field, 3) centre, 4) bus, 5) packed lunches, 6) to, 7) sports clothes, 8) cheer up, 9) the high jump, 10) discus, 11) best, 12) cheerful, 13) results, 14) are, 15) we.

8. Summary

Give a short summary of the story.

9. Homework

Write a short paragraph about sports events in your school.

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