Lesson 1

Ex. 4 (a), p. 7

1-B, 2-C, 3-A, 4-E, 5-D, 6-F

Ex. 7, p. 7

Hi, all!

Now it’s September and i am back at school. What wonderful holidays I had last summer. I was in the Carpathian Mountains. That was such a fantastic trip. And the people were so friendly. I went there with my parents. We travelled by train. We went to Kolomyia to see the unique Museum of Easter Eggs there. It was so exciting. I took a lot of photos.

How did you spend your summer holidays?

Yours, Kate

Lesson 2

Ex. 3, p. 8

1. Exciting

2. She missed her friends. Besides her parents’ vacations were too short and they couldn’t spend 3 months together. Her mum made her read a lot.

3. She could keep late hours, watch TV a lot, play outdoors and visit new places of

4. Greece

5. To show her holiday photo and a video film.

Ex. 5, p. 9

I meet my classmates every

day, but I missed them a month ago.

I get up early in the morning now, but I kept late hours 2 weeks ago.

I had a lot of classes now but I played outdoors with my friends during my summer holidays.

I work hard now, but I spent a lot of timer on the beach a month ago.

Lesson 3

Ex. 2, p. 10

1-E, 2-F, 3-A, 4-D, 5-C

Ex 5, p. 11

1. don’t wonder

2. ruined

3. upset

4. get on well

5. share

6. shy

Lesson 4

Ex. 3, p. 13

1. Ann asks Jane to help her with the grammar exercise.

2. Jane tells Ann to analyse the examples.

3. Ann didn’t keep her eye on the exercise.

4. Jane’s recommendations were helpful.

Ex. 6, p. 13

This year I am going to work harder at my English lessons. I want to improve my listening and writing skills. I am going to work 2 hours a day. I need to practice speaking. I am going to use my vocabularies and some Cds. I am going to consult my teacher and my elder brother.

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