Learn to talk about summer time

Unit 7 Seasons Dancing

Lessons 102 – 104 Learn to talk about summer time

Word Box

Communication Box

To spend time outdoors to go out of town to be tired after sth flower garden kitchen garden to get off the bus to wait for sb

I can’t wait to see… .

I don’t want to.

What’s the matter with you?

What?! Aren’t you…?

1. Look and say what children can do in summer.

Learn to talk about summer time

Example: Children can spend a lot of time outdoors.

2. Listen and repeat.


1. June too soon,

July, stand by;

August, it must,

September, remember,

October, all over.

Learn to talk about summer time

2. Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden


With silver bells and cockle shells,

And pretty maids all in a row.

/u:/ – June, too, soon

/ʤ/ – June, July

/әv/ – grow, row, October, over

3. Look, match and say what these children are doing on a summer day.

Learn to talk about summer time

Flower garden, a kitchen garden, to spend time outdoors, to get off the bus, to wait for sb

Example: The children are spending time outdoors on this summer day.

4. Listen and reproduce.


Andrew: Look here, Mary, our summer holidays are coming.

Mary: So what?

Andrew: It means that it is time to play. We can spend a lot of time outdoors, play all kinds of games, and go to the river or out of town. I can’t wait to start!

Mary: I don’t want to.

Andrew: What?! Aren’t you tired after your school year?!

Mary: I am, but I don’t want to play.

Andrew: And don’t you want to have summer fun? Don’t you want to have ice cream?

Mary: No, I don’t.

Andrew: What’s

the matter with you? Are you Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary today?

Mary: No, no! I was just kidding. Of course, I do want to play and I do want to have summer fun!

Andrew: Let’s have some ice cream then!

Mary: OK! All kinds of ice cream!


– Do you want to play?

– I don’t want to play.

– Don’t you want to play?

– I do want to play.

5. Talk with a friend about summer time. Use:

Learn to talk about summer time

Learn to talk about summer time

On your own: Take your summer photo and write 3-5 sentences about summer fun.

Example: This is my summer photo. I am having a lot of fun.

I am at the river with my family.

We are having ice cream and playing around.

Learn to talk about summer time

6. Look and guess what fun Andrew is going to have in summer.

Learn to talk about summer time

Example: I think Andrew is going to… . It will be a lot of fun.

7. Read and say why Andrew wanted to go to the village.


Part One

One day in June Andrew’s father came home from his office and said, “Andrew, I have a letter here from your Aunt Maria. She asks me to send you to her for a week or two.”

Learn to talk about summer time

Aunt Maria was the sister of Andrew’s father and she lived in a small village, in a very nice house with a beautiful flower garden in front of it and a large kitchen garden1 at the back. There was so much fun to have there in summer time!

Part Two

“Oh, Dad! I can’ wait to see her very much! Please, send me to her. I want to see Grandfather, too.” The father looked at Andrew and said, “All right, Andrew, I will, you must help them in the garden and you must be very polite when you are there.”

“Of course, I will help Aunt Maria in her flower garden and I will go for a walk with Grandfather in the evening, and I will say “Thank you” and “Please” many times a day!”

The next day Andrew went by bus to see his aunt and grandfather. When the bus stopped in the small village where his aunt lived, Andrew got off the bus and crossed the village street. And there was Grandfather was waiting for him. Andrew’s summer holidays began!

1 a kitchen garden – город

8. True or False?

1. Andrew lived in a small village.

2. His mother told him some news.

3. Andrew wanted to visit his relatives.

4. He promised to be a good boy.

5. His father took him to the village by car.

9. Talk with friends about your summer holidays.

Summer is time to… .

We can… .

I can’t wait to… .

There is so much fun to… .

I will… and I will… .

One day in June, … .

My summer holidays… .

10. Write about your summer fun in the calendar. Use:




Do it yourself! Make a summer diary for your friend.

Learn to talk about summer time

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