Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Unit 6 Holidays and Traditions

Lessons 87 – 92 Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Word Box

Communication Box

April Fools’ Day to play tricks on sb. to laugh

The Monument of Glory Eternal Flame

Look around. Small wonder.

1. Look and say what Ukrainian children can see on different spring holidays.

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

April Fools’ Day, 9 May – Victory Day

Masks, play tricks,

Funny clothes, laugh Monument of Glory

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Veterans Eternal Flame

Example: Children can see people in funny clothes on the 1st of April.

2. Listen and repeat.


Here we go up, up, up.

Here we go down, down, down.

Here we go backwards and forwards.


we go round, round, round.

Here we go to celebrate spring in the town!

/av/ – down, round, town

3. Look, match and say what these children do on these spring holidays.

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Laugh holiday flowers

Holiday concert to honour soldiers

Example: The children laugh a lot on April Fools’ Day.

4. Listen and reproduce.


Oksana: Look around, Andrew, our town has a holiday!

Look, today there are national flags, flowers and balloons everywhere.

Andrew: Small wonder. Today we are celebrating Victory Day.

Oksana: Look, veterans are going to the Monument of Glory. Let’s join them.

Andrew: I have got flowers. We can put them near the Eternal Flame.

Oksana: Good idea. And I want to present veterans with flowers I have bought this morning. They are our heroes, brave and nice people.

Andrew: Agreed. I like this holiday tradition. In my family we honour veterans.

Oksana: And what are you going to do in the evening?

There is a big holiday concert

in the centre of the town.

Andrew: And there is a holiday salute, too. We can see it together.


– Our town has a holiday look.

– I like this holiday tradition to honour soldiers who died for our country.

5. Talk with a friend about Ukrainian spring holidays. Use:

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

On your own: Take a picture of any spring holiday and write 3-5 sentences about it.

Example: This is the Day of Humour, or April Fools’ Day. People laugh and make jokes. They put on masks and funny clothes. They have fun.

6. Look and guess what family tradition Petro’s family has.

Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays

Example: I think Petro’s family has a tradition… .

Read and say why Petro’s great granddad cried.


My name is Petro Denisenko. I’m eight and I live in a small village with my parents. My granddad and great – granddad live in Kyiv. It has become a good family tradition to be together on Victory Day. So my dad, mum and I come to Kyiv early in the morning. We don’t want to be late for the parade.

On this day my great-granddad puts on all his medals and we go to the monument of Glory. There my great – granddad meets his old friends. They are also veterans. As a rule, they talk about the war and I like to listen to them. When we are standing near the Eternal Flame my great-granddad cries. I think he remembers his friends who died for their country. I’m happy to be with him at that moment. He is a hero and I’m proud of him.

8. True or False?

1. Petro lives in Kyiv.

2. The family gather together on Victory Day.

3. Petro’s great-granddad has many medals.

4. The family goes to the park on this day.

5. Petro is proud of his great-granddad.

9. Talk with friends about Ukrainian spring holidays.

There are… in Ukraine. One of them is… . On this day

… . Children can see………. on Victory Day. As a rule, … .

I like… .

10. Write about your family tradition in spring. Use:

What holiday is it? Where do you go on this day? Who do you go with? What can you see everywhere? What do you do there? What do you like most of all?

Do it yourself! Make a holiday greeting card for your International friend.

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Learn to talk about Ukrainian spring holidays - Англійська мова