Learn to talk about your meals at home

Lessons 3-5 Learn to introduce your family

Word BoxCommunication Box
Family album to make a film busy to adore To be full of life and energyWhat’s on the… , I wonder? Who is that girl with…? She is fond of… , you know. I can see that!

1. Look and say what relatives you have. Learn to talk about your meals at home Example: I have got two grandmas. 2. Listen and repeat. MY FAMILY ALBUM My whole family album Is on a video, you know. I’m going to take it To a TV show. Learn to talk about your meals at home /әv/ – whole, video, know, show 3. Look, match and say. Learn to talk about your meals at home To love flower gardening to make a film To be full of life and energy to adore animals Example: My grandma loves flower gardening. 4. Listen and role-play. – What’s on your video, I wonder? –

It’s my family album. – Who is that girl with a cat in her hands? – It’s my sister Polly. She is fond of animals, you know. She adores her pet. – I can see that! Remember! What’s on your video? 5. Talk with a friend about your family. Use: Learn to talk about your meals at home On your own: Collect 3-5 photos of your relatives and label them. Example: This is my dad. 6. Look and guess who is who in Paul’s family. Learn to talk about your meals at home Example: This is Paul. 7. Read and say what every member of this family likes to do. MY FAMILY ALBUM I am Paul. I am eight. I like to make films about my family. This is my video family album. As you see, we are five > My parents are doctors. They work in the hospital. My sister Polly is a schoolgirl. She is fond of animals. We have got a cat in the house. My granny doesn’t work, but she is full of life and energy. She loves flower gardening. I adore my family. 8. Answer the questions about Paul’s family. 1. How old is Paul? 2. Where do his parents work? 3. Does Polly go to school? 4. They have got a dog in the
house, haven’t they? 5. Does his granny grow flowers or vegetables? 9. Talk with friends about your family members and their likes. Use: I like… . She/he likes… I love… . She/he loves… I am fond of… . She/he is fond of… I enjoy… . She/he enjoys… I adore… . She/he adores… 10. Write about your relatives in your family album. These are my…. They work… . They are… . They enjoy… . Do it yourself! Make the front page for your family album.

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