Learn to talk about your schoolbag

Unit 4 School Lite
4.1 Learn to talk about your schoolbag

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box






– school necessities

– adjustable straps

– cartoon character

– to treat somebody/ something with more respect

– to know no end

… , I guess?

Good guess!

Not half enough. … and other stuff. … from A to Z.

1. Look and say how two schoolbags differ.

Learn to talk about your schoolbag

Bob’s schoolbag Tim’s schoolbag

E x a m p l e: Bob’s schoolbag doesn’t look neat.

2. Listen and learn. Say what your schoolbag carries.


My companion, my best friend,

Friendship between us

knows no end.

Wherever I go, I carry you.

Please, never leave me, oh! Never do!

You weigh even more than me,

You carry everything, from A to Z(ee).

You look cute,

And you carry all my books.

(After Prashanthi Ramachandran)

/ӕ/ companion, carry

/е/ friend, end, wherever, never, everything

/ʊ/ looks, books

/і:/ please, leave, me, z(ee)

3. Look, match and say what your schoolbag is like.

Learn to talk about your schoolbag

A backpack;

A compartment;

Favourite cartoon characters;

Adjustable straps;

A rolling backpack

E x a m p l e: My schoolbag is a popular backpack. It has one large compartment…

4. Think and say:

– what kind of a schoolbag you have;

– what you always carry in it;

– when and how you pack it.

E x a m p l e: My schoolbag is cute. It carries all my books. I pack it every evening. I put my pens, pencils and other school necessities.

5. Listen and role-play.


Bob: Hi, Ann, can

I help you with your backpack?

Ann: Thank you, that’s very kind of you. It is really heavy – it weighs even more than me.

Bob: No wonder. You always carry everything, from A to Z. Pens, pencils, and other school necessities, I guess?

Ann: Exactly. My schoolbag is my companion. Friendship between us knows no end. Wherever I go, I carry it. I pack it every evening. I put my school books to use in the classroom, copybooks to write in, a bottle of water to drink when I’m thirsty.

Bob: I see. By the way, your schoolbag has got cute looks, with these cartoon characters. Are they your favourite?

Ann: Good guess! What about your schoolbag? Is it comfortable?

Bob: Not half enough. There’s only one compartment, and the straps are not adjustable. My mum promised to buy the right one. She is considering a rolling backpack.

Ann: That’s a good idea! I feel I need a new one, too.


I put my school books To use in the classroom.

6. Let’s play a grammar reasoning game. Use the list.

A: Have you got a ruler in your schoolbag?

B: Sure. I always carry it to use in

Maths lessons.

A ruler

A pencil box

A daybook

A dictionary

An apple

A folder

7. Make up six sentences on the table.

E x a m p l e: My friend always carries pencils to draw.


My friend

My classmates





School books




School necessities

A bottle of water

To use in the


To write in.

To read.

To drink.

To draw.

Learn to talk about your schoolbag

8. Talk with your friend about your schoolbags. Use:

On Your Own. Make a list of school necessities that you pack in your schoolbag and write why you carry them.

E x a m p l e: Copybooks – I carry my copybooks to write in.

9. Read and say what makes a day of a schoolbag.


It was a typical school day. I was very heavy, with all the school necessities in my large compartment: five books, five copybooks, a pencil box full of pens and pencils, a ruler, an eraser, a bottle of water, a packed lunch and other stuff. It was time to go to school.

My owner carried me on her shoulders on our way to school. When we came, she took out her books and homework and hung me and her coat on the peg in the cloakroom. It was going to be another long day. I knew I had to wait in that position till three o’clock.

Hours came and went. Suddenly I felt water. Not again! Somebody had spilt it on me, and I got wet and uncomfortable. It was so unfair! Back at home, they put me outside to dry in the sun.

The life of a schoolbag is so boring. Children must treat us with more respect. If we leave them, they will have to carry everything themselves.

10. True or False?

1. The school day started in its usual way.

2. There were a lot of things in the schoolbag.

3. The owner of the schoolbag was a schoolboy.

4. Something made the schoolbag feel bad.

5. The schoolbag enjoyed its day.

11. Act as the schoolbag from the story “A Day in the Life of a Schoolbag” and talk about your owner’s school day. Use:

Learn to talk about your schoolbag

To read a book; to have packed lunch;

To write an exercise; to drink water;

To draw a picture. to play in the schoolground.

12. Tell your friends about a new schoolbag that you may have soon. Use:

Personally, … . My… is very… . It has got… . You can see… . there.

… makes my school life… . It is especially comfortable… . My mum is considering… . I willtreat… with

More respect.

13. Write a thank-you note to someone who bought you your schoolbag. Use:

Dear… ,

Thank you for… . It is… .

I always… . I will… .


Do it Yourself! Draw a picture of the right schoolbag and label its parts.

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