Lesson 15

Lesson 15

Модальне дієслово must виражає обов’язок, необхідність.

Наприклад: You must go there – Ти повинен піти туди.

Заперечну форму утворюємо за допомогою частки not. яку ставимо після must.

Наприклад: You must not (mustn’t) go there – Ти не повинен іти туди.

Щоб утворити питальну форму, потрібно must поставити перед підметом.

Наприклад: Must we go there? – Чи потрібно нам туди йти?

1. Say what you must and what you mustn’t do every day.

2. Ask your classmate what he must and what he mustn’t do.

Model: Must you attend school every day?

Yes. I must / No. I must/need not.

3. Here are two daily schedules.

Compare and contrast them. Use phrases given below.

1. … whereas… . 3. >

2. … in comparison to… . 4. Both… and….

Model: Sam gets up at 7.10 whereas Ann gets up at 7.20.

Sam (aged 14)

Ann (aged 12)

7.10. Gets up

7.20. Gets up

7.15. Does morning exercises

7.25. Washes

7.25. Takes a shower

7.35. Has breakfast

7.40. Has breakfast

7.50. Leaves house

8.00. Leaves house

8.30-10.00. Has lessons

8.30-11.45. Has lessons

11.30. Has lunch

8.30-11.45. Has lessons

12.00. Has lessons

12.00. Has lunch

13.30. Lessons are over

13.00. Has lessons

13.45. Has dinner at school

14.00. Lessons

are over

14.10. Goes out with friends

14.30. Comes home

17.00. Comes home

Lesson 15

4. a) Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

B) Tell the class about the school day.

Wash, have got begins, play, get up, are, dress, breakfast, go, brush, do

I usually (1) … at 7 o’clock. I (2) … my face and (3)… my teeth. Then I (4)… . I have (5) … at 8 o’clock. My school (6) … at 9 o’clock. I (7) many good friends at school. Some of them (8) … creative and hard-working. Others (9)… energetic and sociable. I (10)… my home assignment at four o’clock. On Thursdays I (11)… tennis. I (12) … to bed at 11 p. m.

5. Match the phrases with the pictures.

Lesson 15Lesson 15

A) to go to school

B) to ride a bike

C) to have lunch

D) to take a shower

Lesson 15 Lesson 15

E) to watch television

F) to brush the teeth

G) to work on computer

H) to clean the room

6. Read t he letter about the girl’s usual school day.

Lesson 15

7. Say what the girl does at this time.

At 7.15

In the evenings

In fifteen minutes after breakfast

At 19 00

At 8 30 a. m.

After classes

At 1 30 p. m

At 11 p. m

8. Read the letter again. Correct the wrong sentences.

1. Catherine studies in the 6th form.

2. She usually gets up at 7.15.

3. She never brushes her teeth.

4. Sometimes Cathenne takes a shower in the morning.

5. Her school begins at half past eight.

6. She has dinner at school.

7. The girl does her home assignment in the afternoon.

8. She has her supper at eight o’clock.

9. In the evening she goes out with her friends.

10. Catherine goes to bed at 11 p. m

9. Tell about your usual school day. Use exercise 6 as a model.

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