Lesson 2. Places of Interest


Lesson 2. Places of Interest


Ex.1, p. 153

1-f, 2-i, 3-e, 4-h, 5-g, 6-c, 7-a, 8-b, 9-d

Ex. 4, p. 161

1. founded

2. capital

3. tours

4. cathedral

5. statue

6. place of interest

7. architect

8. popular

9. worth

10. monuments


1. said, had never been

2. remembered, had left

3. wrote, had had

4. came, left, went

5. received, had not heard

6. read, had gone

Ex. 2, p. 165

1. By what time had she shown us the central part of the city

2. Had she bought all the things for dinner by 12 o’clock?

3. Had she seen most of the Tower of london by that time?

4. By what time had martin seen most of the Tower of London?

5. Who had prepared breakfast by 8 o’clock?

Ex. 3, p. 166

1-a, 2-b, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-c, 7-c, 8-c

Ex. 4, p. 166

1. had begun, was explaining

2. had cleaned, came, shook

3. ran, took

4. had, had done

5. took, had never seen

6. arrived, had finished

7. got, had left, didn’t see

8. were doing, called, was cooking.

Ex. 4 (a), p. 168

1. Tower Bridge

2. Paton Bridge

3. Golden Gate Bridge

4. Brooklin Bridge

Ex. 4 (b), p. 168

1. Golden Gate Bridge

2. Paton Bridge

3. Brooklyn Bridge

4. Tower Bridge

5. Tower Bridge

6. Paton Bridge

7. Brooklyn Bridge

8. Golden Gate Bridge Writing

Ex. 1, p. 171

Dear Jane

Here is the picture of London. The weather is warm here so we can go sightseeing every day. We have seen the Houses of Parliament and visited the British Museum.

I haven’t seen Buckingham Palace yet. I am going to do it tomorrow.

I have bought some souvenirs for you.

Best wishes Kate

Ex. 2, p.171

I will recommend you to see the Mariinsky Palace. It’s a unique monument of the 18th-19th century architecture.

It was built at a picturesque spot on the banks of the Dnipro river by the order of the Russian Empress in 1744.

In 1819 it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 15 years.

It faces a beautiful park, which is 119 metres long.

Nowadays it became the place of official receptions for the most honoured guests. Look of this small toy-like structure. It’s St. Andrew’s Church. As legend goes, St. Andrew predicted that a magnificent city would appear there.

Ex. 2, p. 154

1. art gallery

2. guidebook

3. visit a museum

4. take photos

5. guided tournament

6. go on a tour

Ex. 3, p. 154

1. guidebook

2. typical

3. went sightseeing

4. art gallery

5. visit

6. look around

7. tour

8. got lost

9. took


Ex. 2, p. 157

A – T, b – F, c – T, d – T, e – T, f – T, g – F, h – F, I – T, j – T, k – T

Ex. 3 (a), p. 158

1-T, 2-T, 3-F, 4-T, 5-T, 6-T, 7-F, 8-F, 9-T

They say he put a cross on the hill and later on people built a church on this spot. It was named after him. When the Novgorod prince Oleh conquered the city and it was officially announced to be the capital of Kyivan Rus.

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