Lesson 20

Lesson 20

1. Look at the pictures and remember the words.

Lesson 20

2. Look at the words above and say what young people usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Say what your parents eat or drink every day, three times a week, on special occasions, never.

4. Make up short dialogues and act them out.

Model: A How about / what about some sugar to your tea?

В: No thanks / Yes please.

5. You are going on a picnic. Write down what products you will pack. Explain why.

Cereals, sandwiches, yoghurt, hamburger, milkshake, bacon, peanuts, crisps, spaghetti, ice cream or others.

6. Read the text and then tell what the English people have for breakfast, dinner and supper.


Lesson 20

Breakfast usually consists of a glass of orange or grapes juice, then comflakes with sugar and milk, after that an omelette with fried bacon. Then they drink tea or coffee with toast and marmalade.

Lunch is more like our dinner They have very, very little soup, then meat or fish and a pudding or fruit At the end they eat different kinds of cheese.

Dinner is very similar to lunch but they do not often eat soup at dinner. They may have some roast meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

For supper they usually have an omlette or sausages, sometimes bacon and eggs, sometimes just bread and cheese and a cup of tea or coffee.

The English never miss the main meal of the day. Even if they travel in train and it is lunch time they go to the dining car to have meal.

7. Write ten sentences describing what you have for breakfast, dinner and supper.

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Lesson 20 - Англійська мова