Lesson 32

Lesson 32

1. Make the sentences negative.

1. He took in his trousers. 2. She wore an evening dress to the party. 3. I wore the latest styles. 4. I tried on a beautiful skirt. 5. He took off his tie and jacket. 6. They wear casual clothes. 7. He put on an old pair of jeans.

2. Ask one general question to each sentence.

Model: They lived in Odesa in 2015.

Did they live in Odesa in 2015?

1. We had tea for breakfast.

2. I went home by car.

3. They opened the door.

4. Olia watched TV.

5. The pupils played games.

6. They dressed.

7. Petro washed his face.

8. My father bought a car.

9. My friend got an excellent mark in English.

10. My sister bought an interesting book.

3. Complete the sentences with do, does or did.

1. … you go to the theatre yesterday?

2. Do you always have dinner at 2 a. m.? – No, I… not.


… you bathe in the river last summer? – Yes, I….

4. … children swim every summer? – No, they….

5. … she have a good time last Sunday? – Yes, she….

6. … Tania go to the forest in winter? – No, she… .

7. When… the pupils have their summer holidays?

8. What… you do during your summer holidays?

9. … he like to play basketball? – No, he… not.

10. I… not go to the seaside every summer.

4. a) Ask your teacher:

1. if she/he got up at 8 a m. last Sunday; 2. if she/he worked five years ago; 3. what she/he did yesterday; 4. where she/he spent last summer; 5. which of her/ his friends watched TV last week; 6. who studied English in her/his family; 7. how many lessons she/he had yesterday; 8. what she/he did on Christmas; 9. at what age she/he began to study English; 10. if she/he liked English at school

B) Report about your teacher.

5. Read how members of Mark’s family spend their spare time.

Hi! My name is Mark. I’m fourteen. I cannot say

that I’m a couch potato, but I’m quite happy to stay at home most evenings. I usually watch TV, read interesting books or play computer games.

My sister’s name is Mary. She is nine. She has very energetic interests and hobbies. She loves playing tennis, basketball, dancing and hiking. But she hates collecting labels or coins.

My father is a football fan. He is a Dynamo supporter. He goes to all their matches when they play at home.

My mother is an absolutely wonderful cook. She makes fantastic dishes.

6. Say which pictures show how Mark and the members of his family spend their spare time. Describe these pictures.

Lesson 32

7. Write 10-12 sentences about how members of your family spend Й their spare time. Then tell your class about it.

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Lesson 32 - Англійська мова