Lesson 34

Lesson 34

1. Read about Ann’s birthday party. Answer the questions after the text.

Lesson 34


This year Ann is fifteen. She invited all her classmates to her birthday party. Everything was unusual that day. Ann decorated her room with balloons and flowers. Everyone wore special paper hats.

We sang songs, told jokes, played games and danced. Mike recited Ann a birthday greeting:

Count your nights by stars,

Not shadows.

Count your days by smiles,

Not tears.

And on any birthday morning

Count your age by friends –

Not years!

Happy birthday!

We all sang Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Ann

Happy birthday to you.

Nick took photos. Of course, we had tea and a birthday cake. I think everyone enjoyed the party very much. Ann had fun because

she had many friends ever and she received a lot of presents. We had fun because we felt safe and relaxed. Besides we all had a good time.

1. How old is Ann this year?

2. Whom did she invite to her birthday party?

3. Why was that day unusual?

4. All Ann’s guests enjoyed the party, didn’t they? Why?

2. One of Ann’s classmates didn’t come to the party. Talk to her/him about that day.

3. How do you think what kind of girl Ann is? Why do you think so?

4. Write German/French equivalents to English words and word combinations. Make up three sentences with them.

A birthday party, guests, presents, receive, enjoy, have fun, a cake.

5. Choose can/may/must for each blank.

1. A:… I ask you a question?

B: Yes, sure.

2. A:… you go out with me?

B: Sorry, I… do my homework.

3. A:… I use your pen, please?

B: Sorry, I need it.

4. A:… you come to my party?

B: Sorry, I… help my Mum.

5. A:… I go to Dan’s party?

B: Yes, you….

6. A:… I use you phone, please?

B: Sorry, I… call my father.

7. A:… he come to your birthday party?

B: Yes, sure.

8. A: I play on the computer?

B: No, you… wash up first.

6. a) Write about how you selebrated your birthday last year.

B) Learn a birthday greeting from exercise 1.

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Lesson 34 - Англійська мова