Lesson 37

Lesson 37

1. Look at the pictures and say what people’s hobbies are.

Lesson 37

2. Say what your friend’s hobbies are.

Дієслово to be (бути) у минулому часі має дві форми: was для однини і were для множини

Наприклад: I was at school. – Я був/була у школі.

We were at school. – Ми були у школі.

Заперечення: I was not (wasn ‘t)at school. – Я не був/була у школі.

We were not (weren at school. – Ми не були у школі.

Запитання: Was I at school? – Я був/була у школі?

Were we at school? – Ми були у школі?

3. Make up five sentences using the table.









Was (not)

Were (not)

At home

At school

In Ternopil

In Kharkiv

At the sea

Last week,

Last summer,

Last winter,

Last year,


4. Ask your teacher:

1. if she/he was at home at 5 p. m yesterday; 2. if he/she was in Symferopil last summer; 3. when he/she was at the zoo last time; 4. if he/she was in the park yesterday; 5. if he/she could read at the age of five; 6. when he/she was in Dnipropetrovsk; 7. if he/she went on an exhibition on Sunday; 8. who from the members of his/her family was busy yesterday; 9. where he/she bought a checked T-shirt; 10. when he/she was in the country.

5. Report about your teacher.

6. Write about your most exciting weekend. Write down who you were with, what you did, what made it exciting. Then tell it to your class.

Lesson 37

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Lesson 37 - Англійська мова