Lesson 43

Lesson 43

1. a) Read the words and say what you already know about the weather.

Overcast, thunderstorm, flash flooding, torrential rain / pour cats and dogs, to overwhelm, frosty, nasty, to trap, hurricane, thunder, thaw, gusty winds, severe weather, violent storm, hail, rainfall, wheat crops, injure.

B) Look at the pictures and say what you can see in them.

Lesson 43

2. Look through the words and word combinations. Predict what the news in exercise 3 will be about.

Severe storms, injure, violent storms, torrential rain, gusty winds and large hail, damage

3. Listen to world weather news. Say what country it is about. Why do you think so?

A line of severe storms began developing on Friday stretching from Texas through Kansas and up into parts of Nebraska. Several people were injured late on Friday.

More than 14,000 homes and businesses lost power late on Saturday after violent storms and tornadoes. Parts of Kansas and Texas are expecting torrential rain, strong gusty winds and large hail, which could potentially damage wheat crops. Severe weather over the next few days is likely to add to problems.

4. Read the weather forecast. Write down a similar one for your native town/village.

… let’s take a look at… where it’s the beginning of the rainy season and the rains are expected at any time, >

5. Compare and contrast the weather in summer in different parts of Ukraine. Use phrases given below.

1. In… whereas in… .

2. … in comparison to… .

3. >

4. Both… and… .

Model: In summer it can be sunny and hot in the south of Ukraine whereas it is rainy and cool in the west of the country.

Lesson 43

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Lesson 43 - Англійська мова