Lesson 53

Lesson 53

1. Read the text.


(Part I)

We live in Ukraine. It is a country in Europe. It is smaller than France but it is larger than Germany.

The Ukrainian people live in small towns and big cities. A lot of people live in villages. The life in a village is quiet. The women milk cows. The men work in the fields.

A city life is very noisy. Crowds of people walk on the pavements. They walk very fast. People look very busy. The cars, buses, lorries, trams, trolleybuses run in the streets. The traffic is very heavy.

Lesson 53







2. Answer the questions.

1. Is Ukraine a country

in Europe?

2. Is Ukraine larger than France or Germany?

3. Where do Ukrainian people live? Where would you like to live in town or in a village? Why?

4. Why is city life noisy and busy?

5. Are there pavements in your town/village?

6. Is the traffic heavy in your town/village?

7. Is there much fresh air in the town?

3. Act out short dialogues and make up similar ones.

1. A: I like to live in a big city.

B: Do you? I don’t. A city life is very noisy and busy. Besides, the traffic is very heavy.

2. A: The life in the village is quiet.

B: Right. Besides, there is much fresh air.

Щоб показати, що дія вже закінчилася до певного моменту в минулому, вживається минулий доконаний час (The Past Perfect Tense).

Past Perfect утворюється за допомогою had та третьої форми дієслова

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

Before you started this school year,


you studied any foreign languages?

Had you met any English/American people?

Had you watched any films in English?

Had you read any books in English?

Had you learned any English words?

Had you heard any songs in English?

Had you been to an English-speaking country?

Had you learned about English-speaking countries?

5. Open the brackets in the sentences given below, using the Present Perfect or the Past Perfect.

1. You can have this newspaper. I (finish) reading it.

2. It wasn’t raining when I left for school. It (stop) by that time.

3. I am not hungry. I already (eat).

4. It was ten p. m. I already (finish) doing my homework and I was ready to go to bed.

5. Carol missed her lesson of English yesterday because of a traffic jam. By the time she got to school, her lesson already (begin).

6. Our family had no car at that time. We (sell) our old car.

7. Do you want to see that program? It just (start).

8. We are late. The party already (start).

9. I (learn) English for 4 years now.

10. John (live) in Paris for 5 years before he could speak French fluently.

11. They are angry because (wait) for too long.

6. Tell about the “Town and Village Life”.

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Lesson 53 - Англійська мова