Lesson 54

Lesson 54

1. A friend of yours is coming to visit you, but she doesn’t know how to get to your place. Read the letter, and write a similar one to your friend.

Lesson 54

2. Read the sentences.

1. Walk two blocks and then turn right. 2. Is there a post office near hear? 3. Could you tell me the way to the drama theatre/town library? 4. Could you tell me how to get to smart shops/any museum? 5. You must go straight on. 6. At the traffic lights turn left and the ancient buildings will be in front of you 7. Go straight on to the second crossroads and then turn right.

3. Tell about the street you live in. Would you ever consider living in another street? Why/why not?

Lesson 54

4. Put a preposition from the box into each gap.

To for in down

1. I live… Rus’ka Street. … the west of my street there is a monument… Bohdan Hmelnytskiy. 2…. the south my street leads… the park. 3. Children like sliding… the slides there. 4. My street is not only… pedestrians. You can also see a lot of buses, lorries and cars. 5. My street is famous… beautiful ancient buildings, museums and theatres.

5. Work in pairs. Look at the map. You are at the drama theatre. You want to buy some food but you don’t know how to get to the supermarket. Ask your classmate to tell you the way there.

Lesson 54

6. How well do you know your native town/village? Make a library/ archival reseach. Compare and contrast the life there nowadays and 15 year ago. Use phrases given below.

1. … whereas… . 3. >

2. … in comparison to… . 4. Both… and… .

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Lesson 54 - Англійська мова