Lesson 62

Lesson 62

1. Listen, read and remember the words.

Many rich traditions

Багато різних традицій

The week before Easter

Тиждень перед Великоднем

The Pure Week

Чистий тиждень

The Pure Thursday

Чистий четвер

Lighted candles

Запалені свічки

To tap with a willow branch

Бити гілкою верби

2. Match the pictures to the word combinations.

Lesson 62

A) bless b) tap with a willow branch

C) pussy-willow d) lighted candles

3. Skim through the second part of the text “Easter”.


Work in pail’s. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Easter has had many rich traditions, hasn’t it?

2. Which week is called White or Pure Week?

3. What do people do after the Passion service?

4. How is the last Sunday before Easter called?

5. What do people bless on this day?

6. What wish do people repeat tapping one another?

5. Read and learn the rhyme.


“I have a basket, it’s for Easter.”

“What’s in the basket?”

Please, tell me.”

“Paska, babka, cheese and butter,

Ham, horseradish and kovbaska.

With some onion and beet relish,

A peeled egg and coloured ones.

And an Easter Egg!

We are going to light a candle,

Go to church and have it blessed,

And together we will sing out.

Christ has Risen!

Indeed He has Risen.”

Lesson 62

6. Say what new information about Easter traditions have you learned.

Lesson 62

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Lesson 62 - Англійська мова