Lesson 63

Lesson 63

1. Match the pictures to the word combinations.

Lesson 63

2. Look at the list of words. Name those which were used in the passage about blessing the Easter basket.

Easter eggs, snowball-tree, tap, provision, suckling pig, Greek Catholic Church, earth, horseradish, smoked meat, Orthodox Church, Julian calendar, butter, leaf lard, celebrate, willow, feast of joy, spring songs, coincide.

3. Talk together in small groups about Easter.

4. Look at the pictures and write as in the model.

Model: 1. (write?)

2. (dance?)

– Are they writing?

– No, they are not.

– They are reading.

– Are they dancing?

– Yes, they are.

– They are dancing.

Lesson 63

3. (play?) 4. (watch TV?) 5. (skate?)

Lesson 63

6. (jump?) 7. (climb onto a swing?) 8. (sleep?)

5. Tell the class how you usually celebrate Easter in your family.

Lesson 63

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Lesson 63 - Англійська мова