Lessons 4

Unit 4 Appearance

Lesson 4

1. a) Look, listen and read.

Lessons 4

Jack, Polly, Peter and Sue are friends. They play together every day. Jack and Sue are tall and slim. Polly and Peter are not tall. Polly is plump.

Sue, Peter and Polly have got dark hair. Jack has got fair hair.

B) Agree or disagree.

1. Jack is tall and slim.

2. Sue has got long dark hair.

3. Sue and Polly are slim.

4. The boys are handsome.*

5. Peter has got fair hair.

* handsome – вродливий

Lessons 4

2. Ask and answer.

Example: Is Jack tall or short? – He is tall.

Is he handsome? – Yes, he is.

1. Is Sue slim or plump?

2. Is she beautiful?

3. Is Polly thin or plump?

4. Is she pretty?

3. Complete and answer.

Example: What does Jack look like? – He is tall and slim. He has got fair hair and brown eyes.

1. What does Polly look like? – She is… . She has got… .

2. What does Sue look like? – She is… . She has got… .

3. What does Peter look like? – He is… . He has got… .

4. What do you look like? – I am… . I have got… .

4. Talk about your classmate. Start like this:

This is… . He / She is my classmate. He / She is… . He/She has got… and… . He/She is….

5. Project Work.

Make a poster. Describe your classmate.

Lessons 4

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