Lessons 5

Unit 4 Appearance

Lesson 5

1. a) Listen and repeat.

Lessons 5

Nice kind funny happy

B) Say.

I am kind and happy. My mother is… .

My friend is… .

2. Read.

Lessons 5

Hi! I’m Jane. I’m happy and funny.

Lessons 5

My Dad’s name is Graham. He is tall and handsome. He is clever and strong. His face is round. He has got dark hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses.

Lessons 5

My Mum’s name is Wendy. She is nice and kind. She is not tall. She is slim. She has got fair hair and green eyes. Her cheeks and lips are rosy.

2. Agree or disagree.

1. Jane’s father is not tall.

2. He is clever and strong.

3. His face is oval.

4. His eyes are brown.

5. Jane’s Mum is nice and kind.

6. She has got dark hair and green eyes.

3. Complete. Ask and answer.

1. – What is Jane’s father like?

– He is tall and handsome.

2. – What does he look like?

– He has got……. and………..

3. – What is Jane’s mother like?

– She is nice and… .

4. – What does she look like?

– She is… . She has got…….. and… .

Lessons 5

4. Answer the questions.

1. What is your father / mother like?

2. What does he / she look like?

5. Describe your mother or father. Write. Start like this:

My mother’s/ father’s name is…. She /He is… and…. She / He has got. . Her / His.

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Lessons 5 - Англійська мова