Let’s Go Camping!

Lesson 3.2 Let’s Go Camping!

1. Do you know these words?







Put up


Put on

2. Look at the pictures and say what the bears are doing. Use the words from Task 1.

The bears are meeting their leader Jack.

Lets Go Camping!



I cooked the soup.

He looked at Dad.

She smiled at brother bears.

I didn’t cook the soup.

He didn’t look at Dad.

She didn’t smile at brother bears.

3. Match and remember.

Lets Go Camping!

4. Look at the pictures in Task 2 and say what the bears did yesterday.

The brother bears met Leader Jack yesterday.

5. You say what you do every day. Let your partner say if he/ she did or didn’t do it yesterday.

Lets Go Camping!

6. Look at the pictures. Put them in the right order.

Picture A is number 1.

The bears met their leader Jack.

Read the story and check.

In the forest three Bear Scouts met their leader Jack and told him about spooks.

“Spooks?! That is a joke! There are no spooks,” said Jack.

So the scouts found a nice place and started to put up a tent. After they put up the tent, they made a fire. And Leader Jack walked in the forest.

Jack heard a voice in the forest. It was the bears’ dad.

Dad said, “It is fun! I am a ghost!” And he put on the sheet.

“Hmm! I see! I can do it, too!” Leader Jack quietly went away.

Scouts had a lot of fun, they cooked soup, made tea, told stories by the fire and went to bed.

(After Stan and Jan Berenstain)

Lets Go Camping! Lets Go Camping!

Lets Go Camping!

7. Read and correct the wrong sentences.

The bears met Dad in the forest. – The bears didn’t meet Dad in the forest.

Dad put up a tent.

Jack found the bears’ dad in the forest.

The brother bears had a sheet.

Jack made tea for the bears.

Dad made a fire in the forest.

Dad saw Jack in the forest.

8. Write four sentences about what the bears did in the forest and four sentences about what they didn’t do.

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