Let’s Start!

Let’s Start!

Talk about your first day at school

Word Box

Phrase Box

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Grade uniform storyteller to miss

– to stay indoors

– to work on the computer

– to go on a picnick

– to work hard for something

You look great!

I bet…

That’s a good idea!


1. Look and say how your friends look/feel on the 1st of September.

Lets Start!

To be happy to have a lot of fun

Lets Start!

To laugh to look great

E x a m p l e: Children are happy on the first of September. They are glad to see each other.

2. Listen and repeat. Say what you will learn this year.


– School has begun. – At last.

Did you miss your class?

– Sure I did. I am glad to see them all in the big school hall.

– We are now in Grade Four.

And we’ll learn a lot more.

/ɔ:/ all, hall, form, more

/і/ did, miss, in, big

3. Look, match and say what the children can talk about on the 1st of September.

Lets Start!

To visit one’s grandparents

To swim in the river/sea;

In the village;

To go on a picnick;

To work on a computer.

E x a m p l e: The children can talk about how they went picnicking in summer.

4. Listen and role-play.


Danylo: Hi, Ann. Glad to see you in Grade Four. You look great in your new school uniform.

Ann: Thank you, Danylo. You have grown this summer. You are taller and stronger now.

Danylo: Glad to hear it. I was working hard for it: swimming, running and jumping all summer long. And what did you do in summer?

Ann: Unfortunately, my parents were working in summer. So, I stayed in the city and spent a lot of time indoors.

Danylo: But I think you also had a lot of fun. You are the best reader in our class and a good storyteller. I bet you’ve read a lot and can tell us new stories.

Ann: Right you are. I have a new book about the English May Queen with lots of pictures in my bag. Let’s look at it together.

Danylo: That’s a good idea.

5. Talk with your friend about your summer time.

Lets Start!

On your Own: Describe your friend after your summer holidays.

E x a m p l e: Today is my first day at school. I am in Grade Four now. I saw my friends in the school yard. Some of them have grown a lot. My best friend has become taller. We talked about our summer holidays. I was glad to see my friends.

6. Look and speak about the holidays and traditions you learnt about in Grade Three.

Lets Start!

E x a m p l e: We learnt about Easter holidays in Britain and the egg rolling tradition.

7. Read and say what holiday Taras is talking about.


Autumn has come. The days are shorter but the sun is bright and the sky is blue. The leaves in the trees are yellow, orange, red and brown. There are so many beautiful flowers in our school yard today.

The weather is especially nice on this day. It is warm and sunny. All schoolchildren are going to the school yard. It is the first of September and a big holiday for us. We have become one year older this year. We are in Grade Four now. I am glad to see my old friends in the yard. They are happy to see me, too. We are going to talk about our summer holidays and about Grade Four after classes. It’s fun to meet again after the long summer holidays.

Lets Start!

8. True or False?

1. Nature is beautiful in autumn.

2. The weather is rainy and windy on this day.

3. Taras is in Grade Three.

4. The boy is glad to see his friends.

5. The children are going to talk about sport after classes.

9. Talk with your friends about the first autumn holiday. Use:

Autumn has come and… . The leaves in the trees… . The weather is… .

On this day… . They look great…. .They have beautiful… .

Children are glad… . They are going… .

10. Write 5-6 sentences about your first day at school.

Do it Yourself! Draw a picture or take a photo of a nice September day and write about it.

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