Lesson 1.1


Greeny. Hi, how are you?

Dragon. Fine, thanks. How are you?

Greeny. I’m OK, but you are not OK. Why are you white?

Dragon. I don’t want to be white, but who can help me?

Greeny. Go and ask Redle, the red dragon. She knows a lot.

Dragon. Thanks. I’ll do it!

Greeny. Good luck!

Dragon. Goodbye!

Lesson 7.5


1. a) domestic animals;

B) wild animals;

C) pets.

2. a) warm and sunny;

B) rainy and cloudy;

C) hot and sunny.

3. a) washing machine;

B) weather telling machine; с radio machine.

4. a) have a picnic;

B) swim in the sea;

C) get wet in the rain.

5. a) winter clothes;

B) summer clothes;

C) spring clothes.

6. a) wet;

B) hot;

C) happy.

7. a) cold in her clothes;

B) warm in her clothes;

C) hot in her clothes.

8. a) right on Thursday and on Friday;

B) wrong on Friday but right on Thursday;

C) wrong on Thursday and Friday.

Lesson 10.3


1. a) the ghost;

B) his mother;

C) the teacher.

2. a) George;

B) Fred;

C) Peter.

3. a) lots of money;

B) lots of pencils;

C) lots of ghosts.

4. a) a very bad ghost;

B) a very big ghost;

C) a very good ghost.

5. a) old door;

B) old house;

C) old book.

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