Ex.3, p.80


1)They were studying there.

2) He was telling his friends about his home town.

3) Hillary was passing with some classmates and she asked her friends who the speaker was.

4) She was studying in the library.

5) He was staring at Hillary.

8) Hillary walked over and offered to introduce themselves.

7) It was unusual acquaintance, because they acquainted in the library.

Ex. 4, p. 80

M: Why don’t you trust me?

W: Because I do not believe you. We know each other only for a few days.

M: But you make me drunk. I miss you.

W: That’s an interesting joke. Do you say it to every girl you meet?

M: No, I swear. You are so feminine that I will think of you every second of my life. Your femininity drives me wild and crazy.

W: Do not touch me. You are crazy.

M; Yes, I am crazy. I like when you look at me and I want to marry you. Will you marry me? W: You are really crazy.

M: No, really, I mean it. So, yes or no?

W: You are so much of man. But I need some time to think.

M: No, tell me right now. Will you marry me?

W: Yes, I will marry you.

Ex. 7, p. 82


1) d

2 ) g

3) е

4) f

5) b

6) с

7) a

Ex. 25, p. 89

У супроводі свого батька та дружки вона підійшла до проколу між рядами в церкві.

Дружка й паж допомогли їй із квітами та сукнею. Після того як батько Керол віддає її, вона і Джеймс промовляють шлюбні обітниці:

– Я, Джеймс, беру Керол за законну дружину та присягаюсь від цього дня любити й піклуватися, коритися й шанувати тебе в добрі та погані дні, у багатстві та бідності, у хворобі та здоров’ї, поки смерть не розлучить нас, як заповідав нам Господь.

– Я, Керол, обираю Джеймса за законного чоловіка й урочисто присягаюсь під цього дня любити й піклуватися, коритися н шанувати тебе з добрі й злі, у багатстві та бідності, у хворобі та здоров’ї, поки смерть не розлучить нас, як заповідав нам Господь.

Ex. 28, р. 89


Пан та сані Філіп Стюарт мають честь запросити вас на весілля нашої доньки Сьюзан із містером Гаррі Беннетом.

Неділя, 23 липня, о другій годині у їх оселі за адресою: вулиця Лінден-стріт 16, Рівер-дейл, Нью-Йорк.

Ex. 32, p. 92


– They are married. They are a wife and a husband.

– They love each other. It is a happy family.

– Richard makes such proposal because of their fifth in marriage anniversary.

– Marilyn is happy because her husband is happy and all their family is happy.

– There are no real difficulties for those who are conducted by the feeling of love.

– It is important to refresh feelings and emotions of those who are married for long years and that is why Richard proposes Marilyn to go to the place where they once spent the honeymoon.

Ex. 33, p. 92

1. To go out with someone – to date with smb;

To live with someone – to share a dwelling with someone.

2. To be infatuated – to be inspired with foolish passion; to fail in love – to be in love; to love smb.

3. To be engaged – to be pledged to be married;

To get married – to join as husband and wife in marriage.

4. To have an anniversary – to celebrate a day or occasion recurring on the same dale every year;

To have a birthday – to celebrate the day of one’s birth.

5. To have rows – to have quarrels, arguments; to have discussions – to have debates.

6. To chat – to converse in. an informal maimer;

To flirt – to play at courtship by trying to attract attention or admiration.

7. To get a divorce – to free legally from a marriage relationship; to split up – to separate.