My Summer Diary

My Summer Diary

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the pictures below. What summer holidays did these children have? What plans did you have?

My Summer Diary

Example: I planned to go to the seaside.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read and practise the sounds /е/, /æ/. Say how you feel about the end of summer.


Is summer over?

Yes, it is.

Do you feel unhappy?

I’m full of regret.

Did you have a nice time?

I sure did.

Did you part with your friends?

How very sad!

III. Grammar Smart

Read and recall!

To plan – planned

To dream – dreamt

To want – wanted

To sing – sang

To play – played

To make – made


visit – visited

To think – thought

To dance – danced

To bring – brought

To swim – swam

To take – taught

1. Let’s play a grammar chain game.

Example: Steven: I swam in the river in summer.

Helen: I sang new songs in summer…

2. Complete the sentences.

Example: I made many new friends last summer. →

We were playing in the yard all day long.

1. … in June.

2. … in July.

3. … in August.

4. … last summer.

5. … all day long.

6. … the whole summer.

IV. Time to Listen and Read

1. Listen to / read in pairs and say what the children planned to do in summer.


Paul: Hi, Lucy. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

Lucy: A lot. I had the time of my life.

Paul: Did all your plans come true?

Lucy: Exactly. I planned to visit my relatives in Kyiv, and I did.

Besides, I wanted to learn rollerskating and oh, it was great. How about you?

Paul: Nothing to boast of. As my parents worked all the summer, I had to stay in town. It was not that exciting, you know. But I rode my bike every day and read a lot. It made me feel better. Lucy: I bet you read some new fantasy books. They are your favourite, aren’t they?

Paul: Sure. I also planned to read a collection of Jack London’s stories but, unfortunately, the school library closed for the summer break.

Lucy: Come, come! You can do it later. By the way, I’ve got a surprise for you – a souvenir from Kyiv. It’s a photo I took in Khreschatyk.

Paul: How nice of you! Thanks a lot.

Lucy: My pleasure.

2. Read the sentences and match them to the characters – Lucy and Paul.

1. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

2. As my parents worked all the summer, I had to stay in town.

3. I planned to visit my relatives in Kyiv, and I did it.

4. I’ve got a surprise for you – a souvenir from Kyiv.

5. I learned rollerskating. It was great.

3. In the text “Summer Holidays Plans” find the words for the following areas and make up sentences with them.

My Summer Diary

Example: Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

V. Time to Communicate

A) In pairs, talk about your summer holiday plans. Say which of them came true. Follow the pattern.


A: Hi, Ann. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

B: A lot. I had… .

A: Did all your plans… ?

B: Exactly. I planned to… . Besides, … . How about you?

A: Nothing to boast of……

В: I bet… .

A: Unfortunately… and….

B: Come, come! You can… . By the way… .

A: How nice of you! ….

B: My pleasure….

B) Act as Lucy and describe your stay in Kyiv. Use the pictures and the word list.

My Summer Diary

To take pictures;

Every other day;

My Summer Diary

To buy a souvenir;

To be one’s favourite.

C) Act as Paul and tell your classmates about your summer holidays.

My Summer Diary

To ride a bike;

To swim in the river;

My Summer Diary

To read a fantasy book;


VI. Time to Write

At home: Write a short essay under the title “My Summer Holidays Plans”.

Go to Ex. 1, 2 of your Workbook

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