Navigating the Newspaper. Grammar Revision

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Тема. Navigating the Newspaper. Grammar Revision

Мета: вдосконалювати навички читання, усного та писемного мовлення з теми; формувати навички вживання ситуативної лексики у граматичних структурах Past Simple Tense / irregular verbs; навчити учнів правильного вживання розповідних, заперечних та питальних лексико-граматичних структур у Past Simple Tense; практикувати виконання проблемно-пошукових комунікативних завдань; розвивати елементи логічного та критичного мислення, пізнавальний інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.


I. Організація класу. Привітання

II. Підготовка до іноземного мовлення

Фонетична й мовленнєва зарядка.

III. Основна частина уроку

A) Ех. 8, р. 22 – Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

B) Ex. 5, p. 22 – Look through the newspaper index. Say what topics this issue covers:

– Contents: News – Features – Markets;

– News: European – international – world trade – sports – weather;

– Features: editorial – business – management – technology – arts;

– Markets: foreign exchanges – gold markets – currency exchange.

C) Ex. 6, p 22 – Use the newspaper index of ex. 5 and answer the questions below. Name the section where you can find the information and the page number it appears:

Where can you look for results of last basketball games?

Where can you find out if you need to wear your coat tomorrow?

Where can you find the programme of tonight’s TV shows?

Where can you find the editor’s opinion of current events?

Where can you read the reader’s opinions?

Where can your parents read the information on business issues?

D) Some funny stories about famous scientists (handouts):

John Lowe, the English scientist and writer of the 15th century, was very poor in his old age. He asked the king for help. The answer

Was not long in coming. Henry VII wrote, “Considering that Lowe has devoted forty years of his life to historical works by which he has brought fame to his country, we give him our royal permission to beg on the roads of England for one year. He can spend all the money thus collected on himself without paying taxes”.

L. Meitner was the first woman-physicist in Germany. The title of her dissertation “Problems of Cosmic Physics” seemed absurd to one of the journalists. In his article about Meitner which he published in a newspaper he “corrected” the title of her dissertation and wrote “Problems of Cosmetic Physics”.

IV. Завершальна частина уроку

Домашнє завдання

Ех. 7, р. 22.

Підсумки уроку

Учитель підбиває підсумки уроку й оцінює роботу учнів.

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Navigating the Newspaper. Grammar Revision - Плани-конспекти уроків по англійській мові