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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення з опорою на лексико-граматичні структури; розвивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань.


1. Warm-up

Match the sport with the location.

1) golf

A) rink

2) boxing

B) pool

3) tennis

C) stadium

4) swimming

D) pitch

5) football

E) court

6) athletics



7) ice-skating

G) course

Key: 1 g, 2 f, 3 e, 4 b, 5 d, 6 c, 7 a.

2. Reading and speaking

Read the text (on the board or the cards) and fill in the words given below.

Subject daily swimming summer he>

Ukrainian people have always paid much attention to sport. Sport keeps people fit and (1) and makes them better disciplined in their (2) life. Many kinds of sports, both winter and (3), are popular in Ukraine. Millions of people go in for sports and take part in (4). Physical training is a (5) at school and universities. You can hardly find a school or a col­lege without (6). At sports clubs people go in for aerobics, body-build­ing, (7), skating and so on.

Key: 1) he>

3. Writing

Do Ex. 1, p. 46.

4. Listening and speaking

Explain the rule how to use go, play and do, then practise them in speech. Name the kinds of sports and ask pupils to make up word combi­nations, e. g. volleyball – play

volleyball, jumping – go jumping.

Running, football, rugby, long jump, volleyball, gymnastics, high jump, basketball, swimming, karate, hockey, tennis, cycling, fencing, horse riding, athletics, soccer, baseball, boxing, badminton.

Do Ex. 2, p. 46.

5. Reading

Read the text and answer the questions.

Is Sport So Important for Us?

– I am Alison and I am not very fond of sports. I’m a bit plump and it is difficult for me to run and jump. I don’t like to compete, but I like to watch sports on TV. Best of all I like watching figure skating. I some­times go skating myself.

– I am Peter. Sport plays a great role in my life. I love every kind of sports – football, hockey, volleyball and basketball. I also play chess and I love to play football. I go to our local football club every spare minute and my dream is to become a football player. I also watch foot­ball on TV a lot.

– I am Ann. I am not crazy about sports, but I think it is very im­portant to keep in good form and stay he>

– My name is Alex. I don’t understand people who think only about sports and physical perfection of their body or watch others doing the same on TV. Such people miss out a lot in their lives. It is much more fun to train brains. In the modern world people do not need muscles, diffi­cult things can be done by machines. I’m happy sitting on my sofa with a book or in front of the computer.

Write down only a name.

1) Who is fond of training brains?

2) Who likes training football?

3) Who likes figure skating?

4) Who keeps fit for he>

5) Who hates competing?

6) Who is fond of many kinds of sports?

Answer the questions.

1) What is Ann’s ambition?

2) Why doesn’t Alison like sports?

3) How does Alex spend his spare time?

4) Why doesn’t Ann often attend classes of aerobics?

5) What does Alex think important for people nowadays?

6) Where does Peter play football?

6. Grammar practice

Do Ex. 3, p. 46.

7. Writing

Explain how to use nothing and nobody and do Ex. 5, p. 47.

8. Speaking

Do Ex. 6, p. 47.

9. Summary

Answer the question:

Is sport important for us? Why?

10. Homework

Learn the dialogues in Ex. 6, p. 47.

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