Save the Nature!

Lesson 2.4 Save the Nature!

1. What are these animals doing? Is it true?

In the picture the hippo is eating oats. It is true, because hippos eat oats.

In the picture the bears are munching grass. It is not true, because bears don’t munch grass.

Save the Nature!

2. Listen and say what the animals are eating.

In the story the hippo is eating…, not oats.

3. Find 5 extra words. Read without them. Match a picture from Task 1 to this part.

Oats Bill calls,

“It is time geese for lunch!

I pail bring you something

You like to mice munch!”

What does he bring

And for whom will it be?

Bread for meat bears, as we see.

(After H. A. Rey)



Every day

Bill IS BRINGING bread for the bears.


BRINGS bread for the bears.

4. Read and fill in the gaps.

The bears… their lunch now. (munch)

The keeper… food for bears every day. (bring)

The hippo… carrots every day in the zoo. (eat)

The lion… its slice of meat now. (get)

Look! David and Caroline… the zebras! (feed)

5. Say “now” or “every day”. Let your partner say a sentence about an animal.

Save the Nature!

6. Do you know these words?


Take care





Put the blue words to the right places.

When we pollute animals, we take care of them.

When we don’t feed the water in the sea, we save seals and fish.

When we protect an ill animal, we help it.

When we don’t hunt animals, we heal them.

7. What do/don’t you do at the zoo? You say a sentence with “oplala”. Let your partner guess it.

– I don’t oplala animals at the zoo, because I am not a vet.

– You don’t heal animals at the zoo because you are not a vet.

– Yes.

8. Write 6 sentences about what you do and what you don’t do at the zoo.

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