Secret Pet

Lesson 4.4 Secret Pet

1. Say 9 sentences about this parrot.

The parrot is not noisier than a dog. The parrot is friendlier than a snake.

Secret Pet

2. Who said it?

Secret Pet

3. Look at the pictures and match these words to them:

Come, say, are fed up with, too many, secret pet, box, don’t open, happy to see, like the new pet very much.

Secret Pet

4. Put the pictures in the right order and tell the story.

5. Read and choose the lines for each picture.

In the morning they found a lot of little rabbits in the room.

S. Skeleton. Oh, no! There are too many rabbits!

B. Skeleton. Too many of them!

S. Skeleton. I’m fed up with these pets.

B. Skeleton. Let’s go and swap them.

S. Skeleton. Good idea!

They go to the shop with

all their rabbits.

Shop assistant. Hello! Can I help you?

B. Skeleton. There are too many rabbits!

S. Skeleton. We are fed up with all of them!

B. Skeleton. Have you got another pet for us?

Shop assistant. Let me think! I’ve got an idea! I’ve got a pet for you! But it is a surprise. Don’t open the box! Open it only at home.

B. Skeleton. Only at home?!

S. Skeleton. Is it a surprise?!

Shop assistant. Yes. You will like it. Goodbye!

B. Skeleton. Thank you!

S. Skeleton. Goodbye!

6. Answer the questions.

Which pet is too noisy for the skeletons? – A dog is too noisy for the skeletons.

How many bones do the skeletons give for the rabbit?

Who works in the pet shop?

What does the dog do very loudly?

Where does the fish live?

What pet do the skeletons swap for a rabbit?

How many pets do the skeletons swap?

Why don’t the skeletons like the fish?

7. You are a shop assistant. Let your partner buy a pet.

– Hello! Can I help you?

– Hello! I would

like to have a pet.

– Would you like a dog?

– No, I would like a quieter pet.

– Would you like a fish?

– No, I would like a fluffier pet.

– Would you like a rabbit?

– No, I would like a bigger pet.

– Would you like an elephant?

– No, I would like a smaller pet.

– Would you like a fluffy mouse?

– Thank you! It is a perfect pet!

Secret Pet

8. Fill in the gaps. Guess the end of the story.

I think the shop assistant gives a… to the skeletons.

This pet is…, … , … and not… , … , … .

I think a… is a perfect pet for these skeletons.

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