The Most Interesting Monster

Lesson 8.3 The Most Interesting Monster

1. Agree or disagree with the sentences.

The red monster is stronger than the orange one.

The blue monster is sadder than the yellow monster.

The white monster is messier than the pink one.

The yellow monster is happier than the blue monster.

2. Think of one monster, say a sentence about him. Let your partner guess your monster.

The Most Interesting Monster

The Most Interesting Monster


The green monster is smaller than his Mom.

The green monster is the smallest in the family.

The grey monster is more serious than the black one.

The grey monster is the most serious in the family.

3. Put the words into four groups

…er than… …est



…ier than…iest

More… than the most…

Shorter the shortest

Sadder the saddest

Prettier the prettiest

More beautiful the most beautiful

Strong, serious, dangerous, messy, dark, slim, tidy, favourite, young, tall, happy, big, bright, friendly

4. Fill in the gaps.

The slide is (bright) … than the tree. – The slide is brighter than the tree.

The shade is the (dark) … place on the playground.

The yellow monster is (friendly) … than the blue monster.

The place under the swing is the (dangerous) … place on the playground.

The slide is the (tall) … place on the playground.

Mother Monster is the (old) … monster in the family.

The green monster is (young) … than the red one.

The playground is the (beautiful) … place in the park.

5. Listen and say which sentences in Task 4 are in the story.

6. Listen

again and answer the questions.

Who likes hiding from his mom?

Who comes back from the shop?

Who hides on the playground?

Who looks for the monsters?

Which place is the most dangerous?

Which place is the darkest?

Who can’t find the monsters?

7. Look at the pictures and describe them using these words.


The tidiest




Most beautiful

More serious



The black monster is taller than the brown one.

The Most Interesting Monster

8. Choose a secret monster. Let your partner ask you questions to guess it.

The Most Interesting Monster

9. Choose one monster and write a puzzle

My monster is taller than…

He is the most…

He is not… than…

He is not the…est in the family.

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