Цілі: формувати лексичні навички й навички вимови; вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення; розвивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань.


1. Warm-up

1) Do you always have three meals a day?

2) What’s your favourite meal of the day?

3) Do you prefer meals alone, with one other person or lots of people?

4) What do you think of the meal times in different countries that are dif­ferent from your meal times?

2. Writing and speaking

Do ex. 1, p. 54.

3. Speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 54.

4. Reading

Do ex. 3, p. 54-56.

Give English equivalents to the following words:


розмаїтості, страви, компот, проста їжа (без гарніру), біф­штекси, відбивні, смажена в духовці яловичина, смажена риба (на ско­вороді), дуже любити щось, зауважувати, простір, навряд чи, суспільна можливість, побалакати, шинка, копчений оселедець, консервований лосось, залежно, особливі страви (властиві будь-якій кухні або регіону), борошно, родзинки, смородина, цукати, рублений мигдаль та волоські горіхи, розмішувати, збивати, зберігати, розігрівати, покривати, попе­реджати, знак.

5. Listening

Listen to the information from the internet and say why British Sun­day lunch is so important to British people. How do courses vary according to the seasons?

British Sunday lunch is also known as Sunday Roast and is the very

heart of British food and cooking. It is the time when families or friends get together no matter how busy the week has been, to share good food. For the cook in the house the roast recipes along with all those Sunday lunch recipes, takes some putting together but the effort is worth it.

A traditional British Sunday lunch is roast meat with roast beef top of the list – pork, lamb or chicken are also popular – Yorkshire Puddings, gravy, vegetables and a pudding in the cold months and a dessert in the summer.


Starters at Sunday lunch are rarely offered in the home though many restaurants will offer them because with a traditional Sunday lunch the food is generally so filling that starters would simply be too much. If you feel you must offer a starter then make it light like a Pea and Mint Soup, or Carrot and Ginger Soup. Salad is always popular or Prawn Cocktail is a particular favorite.

In some parts of the UK, particularly Yorkshire, it is common to serve Yorkshire Puddings and Onion Gravy as a starter rather than with the main dish. The origins of this stem from when meat was very expensive and eat­ing Yorkshire Puddings as a starter filled everyone up and they ate less meat.

There is no better main course for a traditional Sunday lunch than a roast. Roast Beef is the number one favorite but pork and lamb work well. If Yorkshire Puds aren’t served as a starter, they will be served with the main course beside the meat, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and lash­ings of gravy made from the meat juices.

In winter, a good change would be something warm and filling like Beef Stew and Dumplings hearty Beef and Ale Pie or Lancashire Hotpot. Serving Yorkshire puddings as well though is a little too heavy on the carbs and on the stomach.

In warmer weather a traditional Sunday lunch is usually too much, so lighten up with dishes like Lemon Chicken or Pan Fried Beef with Aspa­ragus.


The crowning glory of any Sunday lunch is the pudding or dessert. Pud­dings belong with colder weather calls as they are heavier, warming and filling. Bread and Butter Pudding, Spotted Dick Treacle or Bakewell Tart, and Rhubarb Crumble or a classic Apple Pie work so well.

Warmer weather needs lighter puddings or desserts so think Summer Pudding, Strawberry Jelly, Quick Sherry Trifle or Eton Mess – perfect. If you want something slightly more substantial then Queen of Puddings and if sweet, sticky and sugary is order of the day then it must be Sticky Toffee Pudding.

6. Writing

> Practise the vocabulary.

Do ex. 4, p. 56.

Fill in the gaps with the new words on p. 56.

1) The price ____ lunch.

2) We had fish for the main ____.

3) The buffet here ____ of several different Chinese dishes.

4) The ____ from Mexico are really incredible in this restaurant.

5) Vegetarian ____ is very popular nowadays.

6) Thanksgiving is a really big ____ in the States.

7) To ____ apples means to cook them slowly in liquid.

7. Speaking

Do ex. 6, p. 56.

8. Reading

Do ex. 7, p. 57.

9. Summary

Do ex. 8, p. 57.

10. Homework

Ex. 5, p. 57.

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