Unit 7

Unit 7

Lessons 1-2

Ex. 2

Working with People

Art Professions

Working with Machines

A journalist

A teacher

A manager

A politician

A librarian

A cook

A nurse

A shop assistant

A businessman

A doctor

An accountant

An economist

A designer

A hairdresser

A musician

An artist

An actor

A computer programmer

An engineer

A mechanic

A worker

A driver

A pilot

A scientist

Ex. 5

1. make a decision

2. abilities

3. future career

4. is best suited for

5. the necessary qualities

6. fit for a certain position

Ex. 6

1. a mechanic

2. a nurse

3. a lawyer

4. an accountant


a shop assistant

6. a firefighter

7. an explorer

8. a journalist

Ex. 7

1. firefighters

2. journalists

3. shop assistants

4. a nurse

5. an accountant

6. a mechanic

7. a lawyer

8. an explorer

Ex. 9

My mother is a receptionist. She works for OLEC CORP. She receives callers at establishment, determines nature of business, and directs callers to destination by performing the following duties.

She obtains caller’s name and arranges for appointment with person called upon, she directs caller to destination and records name, time of call, nature of business, and person called upon. She types memos, correspondence, reports, and other documents and issues visitor’s pass when required. She makes future appointments and answer inquiries. She collects and distributes mail and messages and performs variety of clerical duties.

She likes her job because it is interesting and exciting and she meets a lot of people during a day.

My father is a Personal Computer Network Technician. He works for OLEC CORP,

too. He installs, configures, and troubleshoots computer networks and associated assemblies by performing the following duties. He performs network troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common network problems, upgrades network hardware and software components as required, installs, upgrades, and configures network printing, directory structures, rights, security, and software on file servers, provides users with network technical support. He responds to the needs and questions of users concerning their access of resources on the network and establishes network users, user environment, directories, and security for networks being installed.

He enjoys his work. It is very creative and interesting.

Lessons 3-4

Ex. 2





Ex. 5

1. to approach

2. highest growth careers

3. to exceed

4. to require

5. a retirement

6. to be in demand

7. a vacancy

8. decline

9. to be technically inclined

Ex. 6

1. b

2. c

3. b

4. a

5. b

6. c

Ex. 7

A) 2

B) 1

C) 1

D) 2

Ex. 10

1. can

2. will be able to

3. can, could or may

4. ought to and should

5. must

Ex. 11

1. Magazines with quizzes and surveys can help

2. Special tests can find out

3. Those who like to work with machines can get

4. Those who like to work with people can become

5. You must be helpful, caring, calm, patient, friendly, cheerful and outgoing.

6. You might be a scientist or an inventor.

7. Must have good education first of all.

8. You have to try developing… and learning…

Ex. 12

1. can to communicate

2. can cook

3. analyze can

4. dance can


1. repairing cars Should

2. should get a high qualification

3. change your job should

4. should develop your professional skills


1. has to a uniform

2. have to good with numbers

3. has to good at spelling

4. have to heavy things

Ex. 13

1. d might be a singer in future

2. f might be a manager or an accountant

3. e might be a florist or a gardener

4. a might be a lawyer

5. b might be a farmer

6. c might be a painter or interior designer

Ex. 14

Jobs in the world


Crab fisherman, Gastroenterologist. Podiatrist. Accountant, IT employee. Roughneck, Surgeon. Doctor, Anesthesiologist, President Psychiatrist, Chief Executive Officer, Lawyer, Computer and information systems manager. Airline. Pilot, Veterinarian, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

The most prestigious

Firefighter, Scientist, Doctor, Nurse, teacher. Investment, Banking Analyst, Business Analyst, Computer Software

The least popular

Real estate agent/broker. Stock broker. Banker. Accountant. Entertainer

The most “dan gerous”

Racers, Miners, Fishers and related fishing workers. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers, Logging workers, Structural iron and steel workers. Refuse and recyclable material collectors. Farmers and ranchers.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers. Roofers, Driver /sales workers and truck drivers, Miscellaneous agricultural workers

The least stress ful

Accountant, Preschool Teacher, Nursing Assistant. Financial Planner, Massage Therapist Physical Therapy Assistant, Pastry Chef, Graphic Design, Desktop Support

Ex. 15

A Nurse

Nurses, also called registered nurses or RNs, take care of sick and injured people. They give people medicine. They treat wounds. And they give emotional support to patients and their families.

Nurses ask patients about their symptoms and keep detailed records. They watch for signs that people are sick. Then, nurses help doctors examine and treat patients.

Some nurses help to give tests to find out why people are sick. Some also do lab work to get test results.

Nurses also teach people how to take care of themselves and their families. Some nurses teach people about diet and exercise and how to follow doctors’ instructions. Some nurses run clinics and immunization centres.

Nurses can focus on treating one type of patient, such as babies or children. They can also focus on one type of problem. Some focus on helping doctors during surgery, for example. Others work in emergency rooms or intensive care units. Many nurses work in doctors’ offices. They help with medical tests, give medicines, and dress wounds. Some also do lab and office work.

Home he>

Many nurses spend a lot of time walking and standing. Nurses also need to be careful in order to stay safe. Nurses care for people who have diseases that they can catch too. And nurses can get hurt while helping to move patients. Nurses also need to guard against radiation from x-rays and chemicals in medicine.

Because patients need 24-hour care, hospital nurses often work nights, weekends, and holidays. Office nurses are more likely to work regular hours. Many nurses work part time.

Nurses must graduate from a nursing program. It takes about 2 years of college to finish an associate degree in nursing. It takes about 4 years to finish a bachelor’s degree in nursing. And a nursing diploma program usually takes about 3 years.

Deciding what kind of training to get is important. Some career paths are open only to nurses who have a bachelor’s degree.

Nursing education includes taking classes and hands-on learning with experienced nurses in hospitals and other places. This is called clinical training. Nurses study anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, and nursing theory. After graduating, nurses need to pass a test to get a nursing license. They have to take classes every few years to keep their skills current.

Nurses need to be caring and kind. They also need to be good at recognizing problems and remembering details.

Nurses need to work well with doctors and patients. Many nurses also supervise assistants and other workers.

Nurses can become head nurses or directors of nursing. Some nurses move into the business side of he>

To get ready for this job, students can take biology and other science classes. They also can become good at reading and

Writing. Math skills are also important for adding doses of medicine and taking measurements

A Teacher

Teachers teach children to read, write, do math, and much more. They use games, videos, computers, and other tools to teach children different subjects. Teachers show students skills. They also explain information. Teachers plan their lessons before they teach. Planning takes a lot of time.

Teachers try to make their lessons easy to understand. They teach things in different ways so that different students can learn in the way that is easiest for them. Teachers might use a chalkboard, a projector, or a computer. They make posters or worksheets before class starts. Teachers plan the schedule for the day. Most teachers have to teach what the principal tells them.

Teachers also assign homework and class projects. They often have students work together to do projects. When students are not doing as well as they should, teachers help them.

After class, teachers grade papers and projects. They also make tests. They write ‘ students’ report cards. And they meet with parents to try to help their children do better in school. Teachers sometimes go to workshops to learn how to teach better. Some teachers also help with sports or other after-school activities.

Most kindergarten and elementary school teachers teach several subjects to one class of children. In some schools, two or more teachers work as a team. Other teachers teach one special subject, such as art, music, reading, or gym.

Most middle school and high school teacher focus on one subject. They might teach English, science, or history, for example. Some teach students how to do a job. High school teachers spend more time explaining a subject and less time with activities like games.

Teachers work with students of many different cultures. Some students were born the United States, and some were not. Teachers learn about different cultures so that they can help students better.

Teachers like to see children learn. But sometimes teaching lots of students can be stressful. Teachers also have to deal with children who misbehave.

Many teachers work more than 40 hours a week. Most go on vacation during the summer. Sometimes, they teach in summer school. Some take another job. Some go to college to learn more about teaching. All teachers in public schools must have a teaching certificate, which is a license to teach. Some teachers are licensed to teach preschool through grade 3. Others are licensed to teach grades 1 through 6 or 8. Some are licensed to teach middle school or high school. Some have a license to teach a special subject.

You must have a college degree to be a teacher, unless you are teaching a job skill like how to fix cars. You must take classes in education and practice teaching with the help of an experienced teacher. To be a teacher, you must pass tests in reading, writing, and other subjects. And you have to keep learning. In some States, you have to get a master’s degree. You also need computer training in some States. Teachers must be able to talk to children and be good leaders. The students must trust them. Teachers must be able to make students want to learn. They also should be organized, dependable, patient, and creative.

Lessons 5-6

Ex. 1

– How many hours would you like to work?

– What motivates you?

– What are your salary expectations?

– What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?

– Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

– What type of work environment do you prefer?

– How do you evaluate success?

– What interests you about this job?

– Why do you want this job?

– What applicable attributes / experience do you have?

– Are you overqualified for this job?

– What can you do for this company?

– Why should the company hire you?

– Why are you the best person for the job?

– What do you know about this company?

– Why do you want to work there?

– What challenges are you looking for in a position?

– What can you contribute to this company?

– Are you willing to travel?

– What are you looking for in your future job? What is important to you?

– What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?

– How do you plan to achieve those goals?

– What are your salary requirements – both short-term and long-term?

Ex. 4

1. C

2. D

3. A

4. E

5. B

6. G

7. H

8. F

Ex. 6

1. have to

2. must

3. has to

4. shouldn’t

5. have to

6. have to

7. should

8. have to

9. can

10. must

Ex. 9

1. can

2. can

3. might

4. should

5. should

6. can

Lesson 8

Ex. 1

1… be a pilot.

2. He might be a businessman.

3. She might be an opera singer.

4. He might be a politician.

5. She might be a lawyer.

6. He might be a chef.

7. She might be a gardener.

Ex. 2

I. e

2. i

3. j

4. l

5. c

6. g

7. d

8. f

9. k

10. a

11. h

Ex. 3

1. M

2. P

3. M

4. J

5. P

6. J

Ex. 4

1. Lidl is one of the largest discount food retailers in Europe.

2. It sells good quality products at the lowest price possible.

3. The Lidl team ensures that the lowest costs are maintained and that the benefit is passed onto Lidl’s customers.

4. They operate in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal.

5. They are looking for determined highly motivated managers.

6. At present they want to employ an Executive manager.

7. The new employee will need to report directly to the Regional Director.

8. Yes, he should be educated to degree level.

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