Unit 9. Revision

Unit 9. Revision

Lesson 1


1 – H; 2 – G; 3 – C; 4 – D; 5 – F; 6 – E; 7 – I; 8 – J; 9 – A.

Lesson 2


A) Cinema or Video?

I don’t like going to the cinema very much myself, but my friends all love it, and so I often find myself sitting in the dark trying to hear the conversation on the screen while sweet papers and crisp packets are being opened enthusiastically all around me.

It is this which makes me take a video and watch it at home. Then there is no risk of getting angry because you hear everything that is going on.

Another problem is that I always do my best to find a seat with a good view of the screen during the advertisement. Then, two minutes before the main film to begin, the seat in front of me will be taken by a heavy boxer who blocks out most of the screen and by this time it’s too late to move.

I know this isn’t really the point.

Cinema fans talk about the extra pleasure when their excitement and feelings are shared with others. I must admit there’s often a very good atmosphere in the cinema, and I’m probably too sensitive to these things: it only takes up one person making stupid comments to spoil the whole occasion. So, I think I’ll stick to my video!


Dance – 2;

Rugby – 3;

Gymnastics – 5;

Photography – 6.

Lesson 3


Number 2, 4, 6, 8, 9.


A – Football.

B – Table tennis.

C – Water polo.

D – Swimming.

E – Gymnastics.

F – Athletics.

Lesson 4


B) Calculator: It’s made of plastic. It is easy to break. It’s long and thin. It’s got buttons and battery. It’s used for calculating.

An alarm clock: It’s made of plastic. It’s useful. It’s got buttons and battery. It’s used for waking up in the morning.

A pan: It’s made of metal. It’s valuable. It’s big, round. and red. It’s

got a lid and handles. It’s used for cooking. Scissors: It’s made of metal and plastic. They are sharp. They are long and thin. It’s got handles. It’s used for paper cutting.

Matches: Pack made of paper. Matches are made of wood and sulfur. It’s easy to break. They are long and thin. It’s used for an open fire.

Lantern: It’s made of plastic and metal. It’s easy to break. It’s got a handle, a button and batteries. It’s used for lighting.

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Unit 9. Revision - ГДЗ з англійської