We Are Feeding Animals

Lesson 2.3 We Are Feeding Animals

1. Name the animals and match the words to the pictures.

This hippo can swim.

We Are Feeding Animals


Am / am not

He, she, it

Is / isn’t


They, we, you

Are / aren’t

2. Read and guess the animal.

It isn’t munching. It isn’t swimming. It isn’t jumping.

It isn’t hunting. It isn’t running. It is sleeping. What is it?

Choose an animal, describe it. Let your partner guess it

3. Read and choose the correct one.

1. The zoo keeper… a yellow bag.

A) is bring;

B) am bringing;

C) is bringing.

2. We… at the horses at the zoo.

A) are looking;

B) is looking



We Are Feeding Animals

3. The zebras… oats from the brown bag.

A) is eating;

B) are eating;

C) am eating.

4. Bill… a slice of bread to the lion.

A) giving;

B) is gives;

C) is giving.

We Are Feeding Animals

5. David and Caroline… to the zoo keeper.

A) are listen;

B) are listening;

C) is listening.

4. Listen and say what is true/false in Task 3.

5. Let’s go to the zoo! What can you see?

We Are Feeding Animals

6. Say what they are doing at the zoo.

The keeper is listening to David. – No! David and Caroline are listening to Bill, the keeper.

We Are Feeding Animals

7. Make up sentences.

Three / mice / eat cheese / now. – Three mice are eating cheese now.

The zebra / run / in the field / now.

The hippos / swim / in the pond / now.

The snake / hunt / in the forest / now.

The seals / look at / the water in the sea / now.

8. Look around and say as many sentences about your classmates as you can.

Olia is sitting on the chair.

Kolia is looking at me.

Natasha and Katia are listening to me.

9. Describe an animal (see Task 2).

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