We Saw a Ghost!

Lesson 3.3 We Saw a Ghost!

1. What did you do yesterday?

I met my Granny in the park yesterday.


Cooked lunch

Found the book

Told a story

Heard a story

Said “Hello!”

Went to the forest

Put up a tent

Walked in the park

Made a fire

Had breakfast

Started to write a letter

Say what you didn’t do.

I didn’t meet my friends yesterday.

2. Choose a question and answer it. Let your partner guess the question.

We Saw a Ghost!

What did the bears do in the camp?

What did they cook?

Who did Jack see in the


What did Dad say about the forest?

What did the bears put up in the forest?

Where did the bears go?

Who did the bears meet in the forest?

What did the bears’ dad have?

What did Dad cut in the sheet?

3. Read and put the facts in the right order.

A. Jack heard Dad in the forest.

B. Ross, Max and Davy went to bed.

C. Dad told the brother bears about spooks of the forest.

D. The bears didn’t want their dad to go with them.

E. Jack said that there were no spooks in the forest.

F. The brother bears met Jack in the forest.

G. Ross, Max and Davy went camping.

H. The bears put up their tent and had a lot of fun.

I. Dad put on a sheet to be a spook.



Ran come came


Saw take off took off

Get scared

Got scared think thought


Fill in the gaps.

The bears… to Jack’s tent.

The bears… a spook in the forest.

Ross, Max and Davy…

A spook… from another side of the forest.

Dad… his mask because he… another spook.

The third spook… from the forest.

Everybody… it was a real spook.

We Saw a Ghost!

5. Listen to the story and compare your sentences in Task 4.

6. Match the beginnings with the endings. Answer the questions.

Where did the bears

Take off his mask?

When did the bears see

Did the bears see?

Why did the first spook

Run first?

How many spooks

The third spook say?

Who was

Jack take off his mask?

When did

The first spook?

What did

The spooks?

7. Choose a character. Say 4 sentences about him/her. Let your partner guess the name of the character.

He went to the forest. He met the bears. He walked in the forest. He heard Dad in the forest. (Jack)

8. Choose one character. Write what he/she did and what he/she didn’t do.

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