Ex.1A p.54

Eggs, bacon, roast fish and meat, chicken, toasts, sandwiches with butter and cheese or sausage, pasta, soup, borsch, rise, porridge, tea, coffee, milk, beefsteaks, buns, cakes, pancakes, salads, ham, roles, pudding, chops, pears.

Ex.2 p.54

I see holubtsi (A), varenyky (B), mlyntsi (C) and borsch (D). We have borsch almost every day and sometimes vareniky and borsch.

Ex.3 p.54

What meal times are called in Britain? – They are breakfast, dinner, midday meal or lunch, afternoon tea and supper.

What are the ingredients of Christmas Pudding? – The ingredients are the mixture of flow, bread crumbs and eggs, raisins, currants, candied peel, chopped almonds and walnuts, grated carrot, brandy, whisky or old ale.

Ex.4 p.56


Meal the British usually eat.

1. breakfast


with milk and sugar, porridge, fried bacon and toast and butter, fruit, cold ham or fish, coffee and roll.

2. main meat of the day

Meat with vegetables, sweet pudding, stewed fruit, beefsteaks, cops, roast, fried fish and chips.

3. afternoon tea

A cup of tea and cake.

4. high tea

Ham, tongue, tomatoes, salad, kipper, tinned salmon, sausage, bread and butter with strong tea, fruit, a tin of pears, apricot or pine apple with cream and custard, pastries or a bun.

Ex.5 p.56

To consist (of) is used to say what something is made of To stew means is to cook something slowly in liquid A speci>

A cuisine is a kind of food that is always very good in a particular area (or restaurant)

To include means to make somebody or something part of a large group.

A course is one of the separate parts of a meal.

Ex.6 p.56

It was plum porridge.

It is a basic mixture of flower, bread-crumbs and eggs,

raisins, currants, candled peel, chopped almonds and walnuts, grated carrot and a good measure of brandy or ale.

We can find sixpenny bits, shillings, a tiny silver bell and a silver horseshoe in it.

It means beefsteaks, chops, roast beef and fried fish and chips.

It is an occasion when people often come in for a chat.

It consists of ham, tongue, tomatoes and salad, kipper or tinned salmon or sausage with strong tea, bread and butter, stewed fruit or a tin of pears, apricot or pineapple with cream and custard, pastries or a bun.

Ex.7 p.57

A – khoiodets’

B – mlyntsi

C – holubtsi

D – borshch

E – salo

F – varenyky

G – domashnia kovbasa

H – deruny

Ex.8 p.57

Our food is plainer than in England. We usually have breakfast, dinner and supper.

Some of them are differ like borsch, varenyky, salo, others are the same (porridge, toast, butter, fried fish).


Ex.1 p.58

A. fried eggs

B. baked potatoes

C. roast chicken

D. boiled rice

E. steamed vegetables

F. grilled sausage

Ex.2 p.58













Ex 5 p.58

1. Food which is kept very cold is frozen.

2. These eggs are fresh, I bought them today.

3. I like my mum’s cooling. Home-made food is always the best.

4. This tea’s very sweet. You’ve put too much sugar in it!

5. Indian food like curry is very spicy.

6. Takeaway food is you buy at a restaurant and take home to eat.

7. Sushi is made with raw fish.

8. People on a diet often try to eat low-fat food.


Ex.1 p.59

1. She would get a better job if she took time to look for one.

2. If we had tickets, we would go to that concert.

3. I would forget about it if I were you.

4. If Dick and Jean were here, they would enjoy the museums.

5. If you were in a hurry, we would get there on time.

Ex.2 p.59

1. We would put more English dishes on the menu if we had an English chef in the restaurant.

2. If I were you, I’d prefer pudding for dessert.

3. We could cook more dishes if we had more various ingredients.

4. If I had plums and brandy I would make a Christmas pudding.

5. If you made more cream I’d decorate the cake with it.

Ex.3 p.60

1. I’d see a dentist if I still had any teeth.

2. If it were less expensive. I’d buy a helicopter to get to work.

3. If you didn’t need oxygen, you could live underwater.

4. If Mary studied harder she would get better quickly.

5. If we had a car we could get there more quickly.

Ex.4 p.60

1. I’d visit her if had more time.

2. If I were the Emperor of the world, I would ban work.

3. They would try harder if you gave them motivation.

4. We would get there if we had a bicycle.

5. You would be he>

6. I would visit you if I had the time.

Ex.5 p.60

1. If you were in England what dishes would you taste?

2. Which food would you prefer to eat if you were hungry?

3. Which items would you help to if you were in England?

4. Which items would you choose if you were proposed an English breakfast?

5. When would you have substantial meal if you were in England?

Ex.6 p.60

1. We’d have a pleasant walk if the storm was over.

2. They would start heating the rooms if it grew cold.

3. He’d let me know if he went to Kiev.

4. Harold would be late if he walked too slowly.

5. The dog would catch the stick if it was thrown into the river.

6. If it snowed, the streets would be cleared of snow.

7. If the weather kept dry, we’d have to water the flowers.

8. We wouldn’t see anything if the night was very dark.

9. The child wouldn’t able to sleep if he had a high temperature.


Ex.1 p.61

Tomato, lemon, cucumber meat, fish

Cheese, butter, cream

Tea, sugar, breads, butter

Fruit, cake, bun, sweet, sandwich

Tomato, cucumber, cabbage, onion, radish lettuce

Mustard, s>

Ex.2 p.61

I can’t cook. I know how to make tea.

My mother cooks in our house.

My favorite dish is a chocolate cake. I know how to cook it.

Ex.3b p.61 Flour, egg, milk, oil.

Ex.4 p.61

Mix 150 grams of flour and an egg with a fork. Slowly mix in 300 ml of milk and the oil. Put a little oil in the pan.

Heat the pan, It must be very hot. Pour in two table-spoons of mixture. Cook for about 45 seconds. Toss the pancake once.

Cook for another 45 seconds. Serve with a little sugar and lots of lemon juice.

Ex.5c p.62

Vegetable soup. You’ll need tree onions, tree turnips,, one carrot, four potatoes, a quarter of a pound of butter, a pound of ham, a bunch of parsley, a spoonful of flour, 4 pints of broth, a pint of boiling milk, season, s>

Potatoes fried in slices. Large potatoes, lard or dripping, s>


Ex.1 p.63

I like salads. The reasons I prefer vegetable salad are: it is not difficult to cook them, they are tasty and useful. I dislike pork, one of the reasons why I wouldn’t choose it its fat.

Ex.2 p.63

Ukrainian people are very hospitable. They are typically kind hearted, friendly and well wishing to both fellow countrymen and foreigners.

In Ukrainian we have breakfast, dinner and supper. As for me I have breakfast at home before classes, lunch at school, dinner and supper at home.

In Ukraine we don’t have afternoon tea. I think it is an English tradition. Our food is more natural and plainer than in England. It is a cup of tea and a cake or a pastry. For English it is a social occasion when people come in for a chat over their cups of tea.

My favorite dish is varenyky with cherries.

We usually lay white clean tablecloth and napkins, put nice dinner and salad plates, dinner forks and steak knives, bread-and-butter plate, butter knife, juice glasses and vine glasses and put a vase with flowers. Our table is alwrays very attractive.

For the first course we usually serve different salads with coked as well us uncooked vegetables along with cheese, fish, seafood, meats, nuts with sold, oil or mayonnaise and seasonings. A meat course consists of veal or beef, or chicken. Sometimes meat is made into roasts, sometimes it is made into outlets, small slices of meat served breaded and fried or broiled and sauced. It is accompanied with mushrooms and canned vegetables and potatoes. After meat course desserts come apple fruit or cream pies or cakes, frozen disserts such as ice-cream with chocolate or strawberry and of course tea or coffee with sugar, lemon and cream.

The national Ukrainian dishes differ from the English ones. The English don’t have such dishes as borsch, varenyky. deruny and salo. But they have kholodets and mlyntsi, they call them stew and pancakes.

Ex.4 p.63

Red Ukrainian borsch

Boil 1 kg of meat in 2 liters of water, add 1 tsp of s>

Pill and cut into small pieces, one carrot, one beetroot, one onion, fry oil vegetables, add 4-5 tomatoes. Put them into a pan; boil up, add cutter cabbage, season with a little pepper, Pill and cut into a total pieces 5 – 6 large potatoes, put them into a pan with meat stock.

Served with sour cream and seasoning.

Ex.5 p.63

I think that it is very tasty and plain.

I think it would be a success, because there is no an English restaurant in our town and English teas and desserts are very popular. In Ukraine people have very sweet tea.


Ex.1 p.64

1. His diet is terribly he eats too many sweet things.

2. Raw vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish.

3. I love home-made food but I don’t have much time to cook.

4. She likes her steak well done.

5. I’m very busy so I often just buy a takeaway meal and heat it up in the microwave.

6. She doesn’t like Mexican Food because it is too spicy.

7. We often buy frozen food on Fridays – either Chinese or Indian food.

Ex.2 p.64

1. If I had lettuce, celery, cucumbers and parsley I would make a tasty green salad.

2. We could serve a wonderful cake if he did not spoil it.

3. She would stay hungry if she were in Mexico because she hates spicy food.

3. If dinner were ready we would sit around the table at once,

4. If I had an English Cookery Book I would prepare some delicious speci>

Ex.3 p.64

Yes, I’ve tried English tea.

No. I have never tried Chinese food.

In the morning an Englishman has his breakfast. The main meal of the days is a called dinner.

The usual midday meal consists of two courses. Afternoon tea means a cup of tea and a cake. The evening meal goes under various names; tea, high tea, dinner or supper.

I get conflates with milk and sugar, porridge, fried bacon and eggs, a toast and butter, some coffee and a roll.

They usually eat roast turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Ex.4 p.64

The USA – Coca-Colat, Pepsi-Cola, turkey, chicken, fast food

China – rice

France – frogs, wine

Italy – pizza, spaghetti

Japan – seafood

Mexico – spicy food

Ex.5a p.64

I don’t think that the English people have no cuisine themselves, It is common knowledge the English is fond of pudding and teas, a lot.

Ex.5b p.65

I could have eaten frogs’ legs, pigs feet, caviar, tripe, brains, horse meat, whale, pork, beef lamb, veal

I would have eaten pigs feet, tripe, pork, beef, lamb, veal. I couldn’t haver eaten black pudding, bird’s nest soup, shark fin soup, octopus. It. seems to me that these items are not tasty and they are not. popular in our country.

I don’t know exactly, maybe they are popular in African and Asian countries. If I was starving I would eat them.

Mlyntsi, borsch, soup, varenyky, holubtsi, kholodets, salo are usually eaten in our country. We have got a national dish. It is borsch. In order to cook red Ukrainian borsch we boil 1kg of meat in 21 of water, add 1 tsp of s>

5 tomatoes. Put them into a pan; boil up, add eutted cabbage, season with a little pepper. Pill and cut into small pieces 5-6 large potatoes, put them into a pan with meat stock. Served with sour cream and seasoning.


Ex.2 p.67

1. Our school trap last September was a complete trouble. – A bad topic sentence.

3. Only twenty tickets were sold for tonight’s concerts. – A bad topic sentence.

Secondary education in Ukraine. – A good topic sentence.

The legal age for driving a car should be 21 for several reasons. – A bad topic sentence.

A good teacher has 3 important characteristics. – A bad topic sentence,

2, 3, 4, 5 are bad topic sentences because they don’t introduce the subject of a paragraph. The second sentence has a clear point of you.

Ex.3 p.67

A close friend is not always the best friend.

Fast Food is very popular.

Future Career is the main question for the graduates.

Ex.5 p.68

In recent years a number of restaurants, bars and cafes have opened in Ukraine, offering excellent food with high standards of service. There is a wide variety of restaurants in Ukraine. Most of them offer delicious meals, refreshing drinks and excellent service. People can spend time in traditional Ukrainian restaurant or in Italian, Chinese, American or other ones.

“Blue Hawaii” Kharkivis the only Polynesian restaurant. Offering an interior done up like a beach shack and waiters with Hawaiian shirts. You may find guests doing the conga when you arrive. “Blue Hawaii” is basically a barbecue restaurant, you may choose

Fish or meat with a variety of sauces (teriyaki, red curry) once it’s been grilled. “Blue Hawaii” also offers the expected range of sweet summary cocktails, a lot of fruits and Hawaiian sweets.


Ex.1 p.69

The English like what they call ‘good plain food’. They must be able to recognize what they are eating. Usually they like fish and chips, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roast turkey.

Afternoon tea is taken at about 5 o’clock, but it can hardly be called a meal. It is a cup of tea and cakes or biscuits. At the weekends afternoon tea is a special occasion. Friends and visitors are often invited to have a chat over a cup of tea. Dinner is the most substantial meal of the day. It is usually eaten at 7 o’clock. The first course may be soup though the English don’t like it very much. The main course will often be fish or meat, perhaps the traditional beefsteak of old England, and a lot of vegetables. The next course will be something sweet and often cooked, such as a fruit pie. Last of all there may be cheese, often with biscuits.

It is common knowledge that the English are very fond of tea. They like to have ‘a nice cup of tea’ 6 or 8 times a day, sometimes even more.

On Christmas Day a Christmas pudding is traditionally cooked for dinner. It is usually followed by roast beef. Long before Christmas housewives begin to plan what cake to make for Christmas. Usually they make fantastic Christmas cakes.

Ex.2 p.69

1. If I were in Bukovvna, I would help myself to brynza.

2.If I had some dried fruit, I would make uzvar or kysil.

3. I could make kvas if I would have some dried bread.

4. If you were in Poltava you would be invited to taste Ukrainian borsch with halushkas.

5. If you asked me what dessert I’d like to have I would mention about apple pie first.

Ex.3 p.70

1. Cook the beetroot, carrot and green beans in 21 of water.

2. Add the rest of the cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and dill and let them cook.

3. Prepare thickener.

4. Add thickener to borsch.

5. Add cream and garlic and cook.

6. Taste, add s>

7. Serve.


Ex.4 p.71

1. F 3. F 5. T 7. F

2. T 4. T 6. F 8. T

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