Unit 2. FOOD

Unit 2. FOOD

Lesson 1

Ex. 1, p. 38

I like vegetables. They are he>

I really like fruits. They are very delicious and he>

I don’t like sour cream.

I hate hamburgers. I don’t think they are he>

Ex. 5, p. 39

I usually spend a lot of time at school so I take my lunch box with me every day.

I try to eat he>

I usually take some cheese sandwiches and some fruit. I prefer apples or bananas. They are very delicious.

Besides I drink some orange or apple juice or just some mineral water.

Lesson 2

Ex. 3, p. 41

1-to, 2-to, 3-to, 4 – to, 5 – to, 6 – to

Ex. 6, p. 41

Pupils are very busy during the day. But they must find some time for he>

Sometimes I buy something in the school canteen but I am not allowed to buy lots of sweet things. They are not he>

So I don’t eat many sweets or biscuits. Only a few of them. Sometimes I can share with my


Lesson 3

Ex. 4, p. 43

1. bought

2. keep

3. has washed

4. wash

5. is looking for

6. hasn’t scrubbed

Ex. 5, p. 43

The kitchen is a very special place in our flat. We meet together here to have breakfast, dinner or supper. I like our kitchen. It’s comfortable. We have got all the modern conveniences: gas, hot and cold running water.

There is also a cooker and a fridge here. There isn’t a microwave oven, but we have a dishwasher. There are some cutting boards for meat, fish and vegetables. We also have a cupboard and a kitchen counter here.

Lesson 4

Ex. 3, p. 44

1. cooking equipment

2. pan

3. pots

4. grill

5. vegetable steamer

6. measuring cups

7. measuring spoons

8. cutting boards

9. knives

10. grill

11. food processor

Ex. 8, p. 46

One of the most famous dishes from Ukrainian cuisine is Ukrainian Borsch. Its unique taste made it popular all over the world. There are many types and ways of cooking of borsch. In various regions

of Ukraine it is cooked in different ways;

Even each housewife has her own recipe of this tasty dish. But there is a general recipe of cooking traditional Ukrainian Borsch. And we will describe it below.

We must take some meat and vegetables (beat, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, tomato paste, some parsley or dill. First of all cook the boil for about an hour (until meat is cooked).

Clean all the vegetables and cut them. Then put 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. Boil everything till vegetables are ready. At the end add some s>

Borsch is served with sour cream and garlic. Borsch is very tasty with pampushkas and garlic sauce; it is also very tasty to eat it with black bread and garlic.

Lesson 5

Ex. 4, p. 48

1-B, 2-A, 3-C, 4-F, 5-D, 6-E

Ex. 6, p. 48

One day Ann decided to cook curry chicken salad.

She got up very early because she had to get the food prepared by noon.

She took a large bowl and put there all the ingredients. First she shredded some cooked chicken, chopped a celery stalk and 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Then she added 1/2 cup slivered almond and mayonnaise. After that she added a teaspoon curry powder and began to mix all the ingredients.

Finally she put the salad into the fridge before serving.

Lesson 6

Ex. 3, p. 49

1. smell

2. pancake

3. removed

4. taste

5. to rinse

Ex. 6, p. 51

The children had tidied up the room before mum came home.

The children had put apples into the box before mum came.

The child had played with a ball before mum came into the yard.

Lesson 7

Ex. 1, p. 51

1. isn’t it?

2. mustn’t you?

3. won’t I?

4. does he?

5. didn’t she?

6. do they?

7. shall we?

8. hasn’t he?

Ex. 2, p. 51

Some bread, some spaghetti, a tomato, a potato, some sugar, a loaf of bread, some s>

Ex. 3, p. 51

1. had already closed

2. had already met

3. had already walked

4. had already been

5. had already talked

6. had already had dinner

7. had already bought

8. had already watched

Ex. 5, p. 52


1. Ann’s project is about the history of fish and chips

2. Jane asked mark to tell Ann some information

3. Mark found the link for Ann

B) 1-F, 2-F, 3-F, 4-T, 5-F, 6-T

4. Steve recovered soon because he followed the doctor’s advise.

Ex. 6, p. 53

I started to feel ill last Wednesday. I had a headache and a sore throat. Besides I was sneezing. My temperature was very high. Mum told me to stay in bed and called a doctor. Mrs White is our Family doctor. She always comes when somebody is ill in our family.

Mrs White examined me and said that I had a bad cold.

She prescribed me some medicines and told me to gargle my throat and to stay in bed.

I followed her advice and felt much better in some days.

Lesson 4

Ex. 4, p. 54

One day Sue started to feel ill. It happened at the lesson. She felt cold and she had a headache. The teacher called her mother. She took Sue home and called a doctor. The doctor examined Sue. She examined her throat, listened to her heart and lungs. And said that the girl had a bad cold.

She told Sue to take pills and drink milk with honey or tea with raspberry.

Sue followed the doctor’s advise and soon felt much better.

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Unit 2. FOOD - ГДЗ з англійської