Making the most of your school day


2.1. Making the most of your school day

Grammar Smart

Ex.1 (b), p.42.

1. Are these papers yours?

2. Tom is a friend of mine.

3. This time management method is mine.

4. Is this book yours?

5. The project that we are going to present in the class is ours.

6. Is this his folder or her folder?

Ex.2 (b), p.44

1. Behave yourself.

2. You should organise yourself.

3. How did you hurt yourself.

4. Please, help yourself to peaches.

5. Enjoy yourself.

6. Have you washed yourself yet?

Ex.2, p.45

1. Sometimes I feel there isn’t enough to study English twice. So I have worked out my own method of setting homework time, a week.

2. I just don’t know, how to keep my school – work organised.

3. So I have worked my own method of studying in a quiet environment.

4. It has three steps.

5. Step one is about

organising myself.

6. Step two is to avoid distractions.

7. Step three is to set homework time.

8. It helps me to get good grades.

Зразок виконання домашнього завдання.

I had a usual school day yesterday.

I want to organise myself to a void problems with the studies.

I am always ready to get a day planner so I could have all the important information in one place. Some children spend too much time in the Internet. That’s why their studies get worse. I have the right priorities of my activities. My academic studies usually comes first. I can organise myself so I could do a lot. I could did all the homework I was given. Besides I found some time to revise new material.

Time to read

Ex.2, p.46.

1. – , 2. of, 3.- , 4,- , 5. – ,6. of

Time to communicate.

Ex.1, p.47

It’s very important to find the perfect balance between studies and leisure to keep up with lots of information we get. First of all we should organise ourselves to take control of our time. If we study in a quiet environment, we can avoid distractions and improve our results.

Ex.2, p.46

Цей діалог можна доповнити фразами. Які можна знайти на стор. 43.

Time to write

Р. 47

Треба розпочати з найважливіших пунктів та закінчити найменш важливими. Визначити термін виконання та не забути поставити мету.

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