– 1 Listen and say the rhyme.

2 Look around the classroom and name at least ten things.

3 a) Read aloud the words you know.

– a blackboard

– a whiteboard

– a CD player

– a TV set

– a computer

– a printer

– a sponge

– a pinboard

– a globe

– school bags

– a dictionary

– a microscope

– a register

– books

– lamps

– chalk

– desks

– chairs

– a calendar

– a map

– a bookcase

– a waste-paper basket

Summer is over,

September comes.

October and November

Are also autumn months.

September is the month

When school begins.

“It’s time to work, “

The school bell rings.

Holidays are over,


more fun.

Holidays are over,

School has begun.


B) Listen and repeat after your teacher.

C) dose your book and name all the things you remember.

4 Study the picture of the classroom above and write out the words from task 3 that mean the things you can see in this classroom.

5 Listen and answer the questions.

1 Where are Vicky, Tom and David?

2 Who likes the new classroom?

3 What is there in the classroom?

4 What isn’t there in the classroom?

5 Is Tom joking?


6 Listen again and complete the sentences with the words from the box.

Bed, everything, tests, machine, new, serious, perfect, robot

1 Class 6 В is in a… classroom this year.

2 They have got… in the classroom.

3 The classroom is simply…!

4 In a perfect classroom there is a vending…, a… and a… .

5 A robot can write everybody….

6 Tom is… .


There is

a chair… BUT There are chairs…

There isn’t a book BUT There aren’t any books

Is there a printer? BUT Are there two printers?

7 Look at the picture of the classroom on page 5 again.

A) Choose the correct word.

1 There is/isn’t a piece of chalk in the new classroom.

2 There is/isn’t a whiteboard in the new classroom.

3 There are /aren’t three waste-paper baskets in the new classroom.

4 There are/aren’t two sponges in the new classroom.

B) Match the questions with the answers.

1 Are there two computers in the

A) No, there isn’t.

New classroom?

B) No, there aren’t.

2 Is there a printer in the new

C) Yes, there is.


D) Yes, there are.

3 Are there two bookcases in the

New classroom?

4 Is there a pinboard in the new


8 Write six sentences about your classroom.


1 Look at the text in task 2 and choose the right answer.

1 This is a letter about a) the summer

B) the school year

2 This is a letter to help a) pupils

B) teachers

C) parents

2 Read the text and match the headings (A-G) with its paragraphs.

A Preparing for the School Year

В Sleep

С Tests

D Homework

E Your Pencil Box

F Your Clothes

G Your School Bag


– The summer holidays are over. You are back at school. Now is the time to get ready for the new school year. Year six is an important step. Here are some tips to help you in the new school year.

– Don’t put your homework off. Do it on the same day. That way you will practice what you did in class, and remember it better.

– Get enough1 sleep. Go to bed early. It will help to learn better.

1 enough – достатньо

– Prepare your school bag the night before. Doing this saves a lot of time in the morning.

– Make sure you have got an extra pen and pencil in your pencil box. Maybe you will need them or lend1 them to a friend.

– Prepare your clothes the night before. This will also save a lot of time in the morning.

– Always study for tests ahead of time2, not the night before. If you study 2 or 3 days before the test, you will remember more and do the test better. Good Luck! Have a great school year!


3 Work in pairs. Answer the questions and share some useful ideas. Use phrases from the box.

– What can help to be always on time for school?

– What helps to be he>

– What will help to study well at school?

Save time, make sure, prepare before, get ready, do ahead of time, put something off, do well (better)

4 Think what phrases you can often hear in your English class and who says them. Group up the sentences on page 9 into two columns:


1to lend [lend] – позичати 2ahead [a’hed] of time –

– May I go out?

– Who is absent?

– What have we got for homework?

– Open your books on page 8, please!

– Here you are.

– Who wants to read?

– How do you say “бджола” in English?

– Can you say that again, please?

– I’ve finished!

– Sorry, I’m late.

– Thank you.

– What does “dangerous” mean?

– Copy this into your notebooks!

– Be quiet, please!

5 Work in pairs. Role-play a short classroom situation when pupil A is a teacher and pupil В is a pupil. Use some of the phrases above.


1 Complete the commentary on a summer holidays photo. Use the words from the box.

In this…we are visiting Disneyland. As you can…, I’m having a… time on a roller coaster. My brother is screaming1 because he is….

We are wearing only… because it is very… here.

1to scream [skri:m| – верещати, скрикувати


2 Take a photo from your summer holidays and write what is happening in it.

In this photo…


3 Read the situation, copy and complete the letter.

Your new English teacher wants to meet all her pupils before the beginning of the school year. She sends a letter to invite you to a meeting.

Dear… (your name),

I would reallу like to… you before school starts.

Pleasе come to room… on…at… .

We will… about… form and get to know1 each other.

See you there!

Best wishes,

… (English teacher’s name)

1to get to Know – познайомитись

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