Unit 4. Medicine

Unit 4. Medicine

Lesson 1


Those articles may be about new discovery of medicine. Thanks to a new civilization in space.


For me “A New Discovery” is the best.


B) 1g; 2b; 3a; 4i; 5h; 6j; 7e; 8f; 9d; 10c.

Lesson 2


John is 15. He was playing football and broke his right leg. – Pediatric unit.

Barbara is 32. She has problems with her back. – Intermediate care unit.

Jerry is 8. He has a bad earache. – Pediatric unit. Thomas is 60. He suddenly felt pain in his heart. – Emergency unit.

Lillie is 12. She has a bad stomachache. – Emergency unit.

Janet is 24. She got into a car accident. – Intensive care unit.


ID; 2K; 3A; 4Q; 5G; 6E; 70; 8F; 9B; 10L; 11M; 12H; 13N; 14C; 151; 16P; 17J.


1) Are you a vegetarian?

4) How much sleep do you get each night?

5) How often do you exercise?

6) What

exercises do you do?

7) What food do you eat?

9) How often do you brush your teeth?

10) What toothpaste do you usually use?

Lesson 3


When I can’t hear well I go to an ear doctor.

When I can’t see well I go to an eye doctor.

When I feel pain in the heart I go to a hear doctor.

When I feel pain in the knee I go to a surgeon.

When I have a broken arm I go to a surgeon.

When I have a headache I go to a pediatrician.

When I have a sore throat I go to a pediatrician.

When I have a stomachache I go to a pediatrician.

When I have a toothache I go to a dentist.



1i – stretcher;

2g – bandage;


4c – mixture;

5b – sticking plaster;

6a – drops;

7e – plaster;

8h – injection;

9d – powder,


1) I put a plaster.

2) Drops.

3) Stretcher.

4) Bandage.

5) Pills, drops, injection, powder.


A) le; 2g; 3h; 4i; 5d; 6b; 7a; 8f; 9c.



– A;

3 – B;

5, 6 – C;

1- D;

4 – E.

Lesson 4


A) 1d; 2a; 3g; 4c; 5h; 6e; 7f; 8b

B) 1A; 2D; 3E; 4F; 5B; 6C; 7G; 8H.

Lesson 5


C) Id; 2b; 3f; 4g; 5a; 6e; 7c.

Lesson 6


B) 1g; 2b; 3a; 4c; 5e; 6f; 7d.

Lesson 7


1 – B; 2 – D; 3 – E; 4 – C; 5 – A.

Lesson 8


1 – d; 2 – c; 3 – e; 4 – d; 5 – a.

Lesson 10


If you are hungry you can make a sandwich.

If you are bored, read a good book.

If you are thirsty you can get something to drink.

If you are seasick, take one of these pills.

If you are cold you can put on a sweater.

If you are hot, take off your jacket.

If you are wet through you can change your clothes.

If you are a heavy sleeper, make it a rule to go to bed earlier.

If you are a fast walker you can go out later.


If Peter does lots of exercise, he will be fit and he>

Will Sara be angry if we don’t come to her party?

If it doesn’t rain, we’ll go for a walk If you work hard will pass your exam.

Will you give me a call if you have time tomorrow?

If you don’t do your homework I won’t let you watch TV.

Mary will not go to Australia if she doesn’t need tickets.

If he comes on time, we will have dinner before we go out

If you eat so many sweets, you’ll have problems with your teeth.


A) When the doctor makes a diagnosis, he will write out a prescription.

If I take it to the pharmacy, the pharmacist will give me the necessary drugs.

When I take the drugs, I will get better soon.

When I get better, I will go on an excursion with my class.

When I go on an excursion with my class, I’ll see mane interesting places.

When I see many interesting places, I will know more about my town.

If I know more about my town, I will tell friends about it.

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