Unit 7. Home duties and family traditions

Unit 7. Home duties and family traditions


This articles are about new reports from the spaceship related with of aliens or robots.


Of course, it is “Robots or Aliens?”


A) 1 – c; 2 – b; 3 – a.

B) “Robot and cleaning!”

Lesson 2


A) 1 – b; 2 – c; 3 – g; 4 – f; 5 – d; 6 – e; 7 – i; B – j; 9 – h; 10 – a.

B) Oven – to cook, for example, to bake cakes or chicken.

Mobile phone – to communicate with loved ones. Blender – to whip cocktails and cream.


Computer, calculator, TV set, vacuum cleaner, talking alarm clock, microwave oven, dishwasher, TV remote control unit, camera, VCR.



1) A mini-camera.

2) It is as a telephone card.

3) For photography.

4) Everywhere.

5) Mini-camera made of titanium.

6) It has an

automatic focus plus flash and is not expensive.

7) Cost: $199.99.

8) Call 8-800-345-6750

B) These words binds one phrase with another.

1) Pocket calculators are small and convenient. They are very useful, too.

2) Electric toothbrushes are expensive. Also, they are not practical.

3) Mobile phones are small and useful. Plus, they are cheaper than before.

4) Laptop computers are either very expensive or not very reliable.

5) Radio alarm clocks are helpful to get up in the morning. And they very cheap, too.

Lesson 3


1 – detergent;

2 – polish;

3 – iron;

4 – dishcloth;

5 – broom;

6 – scrubbing brush;

7 – mop;

8 – shoe polish.

Lesson 4


Her parents let her stay up late.

Her parents make her do the washing up.

Her parents let her read what she likes.

They make her iron her own clothes.

Her parents make her do the homework.

They make her clean up the room.

Her parents let her have parties.


parents let her play computer games.



1) Yes, they let me go into town on my own.

2) My parents let me go to discos, but not always.

3) No, they do not let me go to bed at any time.

4) No, they do not let me come home at any time.

5) Yes, they let me get up at any time.

6) Yes, they let me choose my own clothes.

7) Yes, they let me choose my own hairstyle.

8) Yes, they let me decorate my own room.

9) No, they do not let me have TV in my room.

10) Yes, they let me wear make-up, but not bright.

11) Yes, they let me have pierced ears.

12) No, they do not let me dye your hair.

Lesson 5


A) Keep your arms and legs inside the car.

Stay in your seats all the time.

Is strictly forbidden.

Don’t try to leave the car until it has come to a complete standstill.


A) Forbidden to eat and drink during the ride. Forbidden to ride with ice-cream, water and food. Forbidden to smoke during the ride.

Forbidden to take pictures and shoot at the camera during the ride.

B) Mr. Pickard is allowed to go on the ride. Him wife is pregnant. Their daughter is eating an ice-cream, so she is not allowed to ride too. Their son is still small. Grandfather and grandmother can have back problems. Grandfather holds a camera in your hands.


A) You are allowed to do a part-time job money at 13. You are allowed to drive a car at 16.

You are allowed to leave school and get a job, to join the Army, Navy or Airforce and to buy cigarettes at 17. You are allowed to vote in election and buy alcohol at 18.

Lesson 6


I hate being without a notebook. I got it for the New Year 5 years ago. My notebook is very comfortable and I can bring it to school and to friends. It is silver and has a big screen. With it I do my homework, listen to music, watch films and etc.

I hate being without a gold earrings. I got them on last my Happy Birthday. They are very beautiful and they have small white pebbles. I wear them on all the holidays. I love ornaments and these earrings have become my favorite.

I hate being without bike. I got a new bike one year ago. My grandmother and grandfather presented it on my summer holidays. It is blue and very comfortable. It have the speed sensor and the clock. I love cycling.

I hate being without an audio player. I got it five month ago. It is small, bright orange. I love music. I listen to it anywhere.

Lesson 7



1) Independence Day.

2) St. Valentine’s Day.

3) The 8th of Match.

4) Christmas.

5) Victory Day.

B) le; 2d; 3c; 4b; 5a.

C) Religious: Easter, Christmas.

Non-religious: New Year, City Day, Victory Day, the 8th of March, the 1th of May, Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day.

Political: Independence Day, Constitution Day. Holidays on which we have days off: New Year, Victory Day, the 8th of March, the 1th of May, Easter, Christmas, Constitution Day.

Those when we work: City Day, St. Valentine’s Day, and Halloween.

Holidays celebrate in the family: Easter, Christmas, New Year, Victory Day, and the 8th of March.

Those that are not: City Day, the 1th of May, Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Constitution Day.

Ukrainian: New Year, City Day, Victory Day, the 8th of March, the 1th of May, Easter, Christmas, Independence Day, Constitution Day.

Foreign holidays: St. Valentine’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day.


Clothes for men: shirt and trousers.

Clothes for women: shirt and skirt.

Holiday’s clothes: shirt or dress with embroidery. Food most often cooked: borscht, dumplings, kvass. Food connected with holidays: potatoes, pork, beef, chicken, and herring under a fur coat.

Rituals done on holidays: January 13-14: Rite “sprinkling”; Divination by Christmas; “Mardi Gras”, “Trinity”; July 7 – “Midsummer”, Wedding ceremony. Celebration at home: Easter, Christmas, New Year. Celebrating in big groups: Wedding, Christmas.

Lesson 9


1 – B, D;

2 – A, C;

3 – B, D;

4 – A, C;

5 – See Grammar Reference, § 10.


1) Many people will have enough to eat.

2) We will not eat the same things that we eat now.

3) The Earth will not be very different.

4) There will be a world government.

5) People will not live on another planet.

6) There will not be only language in the world.


1) I am going to see a film tomorrow night.

2) I think I will pass the English test tomorrow.

3) Alma is going to study medicine when she leaves school.

4) Try this cake. You will like it.

5) Many Scientists say the climate is going to change a lot in the text hundred years.

6) Look up! The baby bird is going to fall down from the nest.


1 – I hope it will be cheap.

2 – Germany will lose.

3 – It probably won’t rain.

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