Ex.1 p.20

1. teacher

2. dentist

3. scientist

4. engineer

5. manager

Ex.2 p.20







Ex.3 p.22






Ex.4 p.22

1. C

2. B


4. E

5. A

6. G

7. D


Ex.1 p.23






Ex.2 p.23

































My sister works in the tourism industry as a tour agent.

My brother works in education as a teacher.

My uncle works in the building industry as a carpenter.

My mother works in the textile industry as a dressmaker.


Ex.1 p.24

A. Past. Simple

B. Present Perfect

C. Present Perfect Continuous

Ex.2 p.24

Christopher Jones is an English language teacher. He was always good at languages at school, so he decided to take his degree in French and German. When he had finished his university studies, he began teaching in a secondary school in England.

Two years later, however, he met someone

by chance who offered him a job teaching English to foreign students during the long summer holidays. His students were adults and he enjoyed the work greatly. He soon had found he was more interested in teaching his own language to foreigners than foreign languages to English schoolboys.

Since then he has been specializing in this work. He has found that one of the advantages of the job is that it enables him to find work almost everywhere in the world. First he has gone to Africa for 2 years and then he spent a year in Arabia. After this he went to Greece where he has worked for the last 3 years. He has not been to South America yet but he wants to go there next. He taught men and women of all ages and of various nationalities. He also learnt to get on with all kinds of people and to adjust to different ways of life. So far he has not regretted his decision to follow this career.

Ex.3 p.25

1. How long have you been having your car?

2. Ron has been working as a postman for the past month.

3. Mary has found a good job.

4. I have been writing an essay all day.

5. How long have you been living in Kyiv?

Ex.4 p.25

A. How long have you been trying to find a job?

H. For three years. It. has been really difficult.

C. How many jobs have you had?

D. About thirty, maybe more I have done everything.

I. How long have you been standing here today?

F. I have been waiting since 8:00 this morning, and I’m freezing.

Ex.5 p.25

How long have they been going out together?

I have been studying English for eight years.

You have been reading that book for months!

Have you been waiting for a long time?

How long has she been living there?

I have been rented this flat for three years.

Has she been working here for a long time?


Ex.2p. 26

System administrator; journalist; accountant

Ex.4 p.26

1. She has already been working at this pharmaceutical company for 10 years.

2. She is a professional with broad work experience.

3. He chose this creative profession because he was a creative person.

4. They all work as a team.

5. He is responsible for the safety of all documents and files.

6. All his colleagues respect him for this professionalism.

Ex.5 p.26

1. Yes, it is.

2. An accountant needs to present at different seminars, work shops, conferences, to listen to reports and to discussto the ways of applying fresh knowledge. An accountant needs to get additional education in order to learn about new laws and rules and to do financial reports in a proper way.

3. A journalist is responsible for writing articles and informing the society about different events and meetings, they also meet different people and take their interviews.

4. The profession of a journalist is exciting, though sometimes may be dangerous.

5. A system administrator is responsible for the safety of all documents and files, preventing the system from receiving viruses, developing different programs, knowing a lot about office equipment and fixing them if it is necessary.


Ex.1 p.27








Ex.2b p.27

A: Were there any interesting jobs in the newspaper yesterday?

B: Well, there were an office administrator and a porter on cruises ship.

A: An office administrator doesn’t sound very suitable for me but I don’t have any one.

B: I’d prefer the job on cruises ship.

A: So do I. Visiting Hawaii is my dream.

B: And they provide full training and the chance to earn $5,000 per month.

A: What’s the phone number?

B. It’s 337-35-71.

Ex.3p. 27

Interviewer: What is your name?

Christopher Jones: Christopher Jones Interviewer: How old are you?

Christopher Jones: 25 Interviewer: What do you do?

Christopher Jones: I work in a secondary school in London. Interviewer: Do you like your job?

Christopher Jones: I enjoy my job greatly.

Ex.4 p.27

A. Jobs of a teacher, a doctor, a tailor, a cooker, a nurse, a waitress, a librarian, an accountant, an economist are normally done by women.

B. Jobs of a lawyer, a diplomat, a deputy, a businessman are generally well-paid.

C. A job of a doctor requires a lot of training.

D. Jobs of a surgeon, a militiaman are very stressful.

E. Teachers have long holidays.

F. Jobs of a trainer of wild animals, a fireman, a submariner, a cosmonaut are dangerous.


Ex.1 p.28

Interviewer: So, how long have you been lived here?

Mary: For about 6 months now.

I: Why did you choose Beirut?

M: Because John my husband and I have always loved Arab culture and the language. John’s an English teacher and he has got a job here in a language school.

I: Why did you want to take a year off?

M: Basically I want a break from teaching. I love teaching children but I need change. Also I had drawn and painted since I was little but I had never really had the chance to study drawing. So this seem like the perfect opportunity to have a change and learn to draw properly. I: What have you done here since you arrived?

M: We have found a fantastic art teacher, called Fatima, and I have had classes with her since October. She’s great and she speaks English, which is lucky because I don’t know much Arabic yet. But I’ll learn.

I: Is Arabic a difficult language to learn?

M: Very difficult! Especially the pronunciation.

Ex.3b p.29

1. Chris

2. Floyd

3. Jessica

4. Darlene

Ex.4a p.30

A: Does your job require a lot of practice?

B. Yes, of course. Dentists must have a lot of practice and besides have an excellent knowledge and education.

A: Where did you get the necessary education?

B: At Medical National Academy in Kharkiv.

A: Oh, I’d like to become a dentist too. What do you advise me to do to become better acquainted with this profession?

B: Look for an occupation suited for your abilities. I don’t think that this profession suits you.

Ex.4b p.30

What are the advantages of this job?

What are the disadvantages of this job?

Is this job very stressful?

Is it well-paid?

Do you need to have driving license?

What personal skills should you have to be successful?

Ex.6 p.30

A problem of choosing a profession is very important for me. Certainly I have thought this question over for a long time. My parents have their own opinion on it. But as the time of leaving school is closer, my worries become stronger and stronger.

As the most of my friends and classmates I am going to enter the university or some other higher educational institution. I expect to get a “Certificate of Maturity” with good and excellent marks. But I realize that a lot of young people will bring their “Certificates” with excellent marks to the selection committees of the universities.

As for me I have no aptitude for mastering the technique. But at the same time I don’t know if I’ll manage to get a good job after graduating from the humanitarian department of the university.

I want to enter the department in some way connected with management. To my mind one who chooses this profession must be very communicative. And of course, if you want to gain something in this field, you have to know economics, finance, psychology, law and management.


Ex.1a p.30

Personal & Social Writing

Study Writing (Personal)

Professional Writing

Phone messages

Making notes from lectures


Ex.3a p.32

The style of the letter is formal, because Mary Blake doesn’t know Jane Smith.

Mary wants to give information about her in order to get the job. It is professional letter.

It is a formal letter.

Ex.3b p.33

The places she has visited – 7. I like travelling. I have been to Spain, Italy and Britain. This is my second visit to England. Last year I stayed with my pen friend’s family in London for a month.

Addresses she is writing to – 3. Jane Smith, Happy Holidays, Baker St, Leeds, 247B.

Her knowledge of languages – 6. I am seventeen years old and I come from Portugal. At the moment I am studying at a language school near Bristol. I can speak English, Portuguese and a little Spanish.

The things she is good at – 8. I enjoy playing sports. I can play basketball, tennis and volleyball. I’m good at swimming, too. I can’t play a musical instrument, but I have a good voice and enjoy singing.

Her personal qualifies – 9. I’m sure that I would make a good hostess. I’m very sociable and I like helping other people.

Sender’s address – 1. 12 St. John’s St. Bristol. BR27FU.

Reason for writing – 5. I read your advertisement in Teen Magazine and I would like to apply for a job as a Happy Holidays hostess this summer.

Sender’s signature –

Signing off – 10. Yours sincerely.

Sender’s name -12. Mary Blake.

Greeting – 4. Dear Ms Smith.

Date – 2. 16 March.

Ex.4 p.33

Mary Cooper

Happy Holidays

Green Str.


L 26RE

Dear Mrs Cooper,

I have read your advertisement in Teen Magazine and I would like to apply for a job as a Happy Holidays host this summer.

I’m 15 years old and I am from Ukraine. Now I’m studying at Language School near London. I can speak English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

I am fond of travelling, reading and playing computer games. I enjoy going into sports, meeting new people, working outdoors, helping people, learning more and I like to improve my language skills. I have some work experience in as an animator.

I’m sure that I would be a good host. I’m very friendly and sociable. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely

Helen Ivanova


Ex.1 p.34

My cousin Liza is an interpreter. She gets a good salary. Liza speaks English and French fluently. She studied at the university and travelled a lot. It helped her to improve her language skills, to learn more about culture and traditions. Liza has an experience of working as an interpreter for seven years.

My older brother Denis is a manager. His job is well-paid. >

First he graduated from a university where he got Master’s degree in economics. Denis’ work requires a lot of teamwork. I know he is quite successful. I’m proud of him.

As for me, I am a secretary at a textile factory. We receive many letters of application, because our factory offers good work conditions. Next years I am going to get a Bachelor degree in psychology and to apply for position of a personnel manager. I know the director needs a person who can help to work with the stuff

Ex.2 p.34

A: How long have you been being at university?

B: I started two years ago. I’m in my third year now.

A: Do you live with your parents?

B: I had been living with them for the first two years but then I moved into a student hostel last September and I have lived there since then.


A: Has your brother found a job yet?

B: Yes, he has just started work in a hotel.

Ex.3a p.34

It is a formal letter.

Ex.3b p.34

Name: Irina Fedirko

Age: 16 Sex:


Knowledge of English: have no problem communicating with the English-speaking visitors

Experience: organized a performance with the school’s drama group, had an experience in working with young people.

Lack of Experience: have no experience in organizing games. Likes: handball and babysitting.

Dislikes: not very good at sitting in a classroom for a long.

The reason of applying: to improve English and to get an experience in organizing.

Ex.4a p.34

A junior school teacher in Britain:

A. earns about 16 thousand pound year

B. trains for 3 years

C. works about 9 hours a day

D. starts work at about 8 o’clock

E. finishes work at about 5 o’clock

Ex.4c p.34.

How many years did you spend at university training? How many hours do you work a day?

At what time do you usually start your work?

When do you finish your work?

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