Lesson 71

Lesson 71

1. Look at the pictures and guess what people are doing.

Lesson 71

Model: On picture one the pupils are making up dialogues.

2. Think about your favourite lessons. Write three things you like/ don’t like about them. Explain why.

3. Read Sam’s letter about him and his English lessons. Are his English lessons similar to yours?


Hi! My name is Sam. I live in Poland in a beautiful cottage in a small village. My village is surrounded by lovely countryside with fields, woods, streams and a small lake. Opposite my house there is a big shopping centre with a multi-storey car park. My mother works there.

I go to school. I am a pupil of the eighth form. I love my English lessons very much. They are interesting and we have a lot of fun. We discuss different questions in English. We also do a lot of exercises, ask and answer questions,

describe pictures, make up and role-play dialogues, play games, sing songs, learn poems and rhymes, read and create stories and jokes, prepare reports, learn to predict,

Compare and contrast, learn to explain quotations in our own words, make word charts, do project and research work. I do enjoy my English lessons.

How about you? Do you love your English lessons? Are they as exciting as mine?

I am looking forward to your answer.



4. Work in pairs. Take turn to ask and answer the questions.

1. Where does Sam live?

2. Where does his mother work? And yours?

3. What is Sam’s village surrounded by? And yours?

4. What form is Sam in? And you?

5. At what age did he start to learn English? And you?

6. Does he love his English lessons? Why? Do you like your English lessons? Why? / Why not?

7. What do they do at their English lessons? And you?

8. What marks do you usually get at your English lessons?

5. Write a reply to Sam’s letter.

Lesson 71

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Lesson 71 - Англійська мова