Цілі: формувати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; вдосконалювати навички читання, аудіювання й усного монологічного мовлення; розвивати пізнавальні інтереси учнів; виховувати загальну культуру учнів.



1) Has someone ever bought you a meal at a restaurant? What was the reason?

2) What’s the most expensive meal you have ever ordered?

3) What is one of your favorite things to order at a restaurant?

4) What is the worst meal you have eaten in a restaurant?

2. Speaking

Do ex. 1, p. 111.

3. Writing

Do ex. 5(b), p. 110.

4. Listening

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.

Waiter. Good afternoon. Table for two?

Dave. Yes, please.

Waiter. Smoking or non-smoking?



Waiter. Right this way.

They walk to a table. Dave and Sarah sit down and the waiter gives them menus.

Waiter. I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order.

After 7 minutes, the waiter returns.

Waiter. Are you ready to order?

Dave. I think so, but can I ask? What is Beef Stroganoff?

Waiter. It’s beef cut into small pieces and served in a sour cream and white wine sauce.

Dave. Ok, that sounds good. I’ll have that.

Waiter. Excellent. And that comes with your choice of French fries, fried mushrooms, or rice.

Dave. I’ll have rice.

Waiter. Anything to start?

Dave. I’ll have the French Onion soup.

Waiter. OK. And what can I get you?

Sarah. Is the Spaghetti and Meatballs very large?

Waіter. Yes, it’s a big portion.

Sarah. Oh, I’m not very hungry.

Waiter. Then can I recommend the Chicken with Mushrooms? That comes with noodles, but it’s not too big.

Sarah. Ok. I’ll take Chicken and Mushrooms. And a salad to start.

Waiter. Very good.

And what can I get you to drink?

Dave. A Coke, please.

Sarah. I’ll have orange juice.

Waiter. Oh, I’m afraid we’re out of orange juice. But we have pear, apple, grape, and kiwi-banana.

Sarah. Kiwi-Banana? That sounds interesting. I’ll try that.

Waiter. Excellent. I’ll be back with your drinks in a minute.

1) What does the waiter ask before seating Dave and Sarah?

2) How do Dave and Sarah say what they want to eat?

3) What do Dave and Sarah order for starters? For their main meal? To drink?

4) How does the waiter suggest a meal for Sarah?

5) What problems do the diners have?

6) Is the conversation formal or informal?

5. Reading

Ex. 4, p. 113.

6. Speaking

Work in pairs

Make up your own dialogue using the one below.

Ordering lunch and dinner. What else do you recommend?

Waiter. Are you ready to order, sir?

Mr Ryefield. Yes. I’ll have the beef stew for starters and my wife would like tomato soup.

Waiter. One beef stew and one tomato soup. What would you like for the main course?

Mr Ryefield. I’ll have the Cayenne Pepper Steak and my wife would like the Fried Trout with mashed potatoes.

Waіter. I’m afraid the trout is off.

Mrs Ryefield. Oh dear. Err… What else do you recommend?

Waiter. The sole is very good.

Mrs Ryefield. OK. I’ll have that. Do you have any coleslaw?

Waіter. No, I’m sorry, we don’t.

Mrs Ryefield. Just give me a small mixed salad then.

Mr Ryefield. Same for me.

Waiter. Certainly. (…) Would you like something to drink?

Mr Ryefield. Yes, please. May I see the wine list?

Waiter. Certainly. Here you are. (…)

Mr Ryefield. A bottle of Chablis ’99, please.

Waiter. Excellent choice!

7. Summary

1) Do you like to eat out?

2) What’s your favorite restaurant? Where is it?

3) Why do you like that restaurant?

4) How often do you go there?

5) Who do you usually go with?

6) What’s your favorite item on the menu?

7) What’s the atmosphere like?

8) What’s the service like?

9) What recipes can you cook?

10) Do you prefer cooking for yourself or going to a restaurant?

8. Homework

Find a piece of information about any restaurant and write a short review about it. Use the prompts in ex. 3, p. 112.

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