Learn to talk about celebrations

Unit 5 Holiday
5.1 Learn to talk about celebrations

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box

To celebrate

To decorate assembly hall special table cloth

– to have a holiday meal

– to take part in something

– to please somebody

– to get together

You may say so. Right you are! Thank you for the invitation. By all means.

1. Look and say what you can do on celebrations.

Learn to talk about celebrations

A festive to have a to decorate to take part in

Meal concert a room a competition

E x a m p l e: We can have a big meal.

2. Listen and repeat. Say why you like to celebrate holidays.

– Hey, Mike, what can you say about this fine celebration?

– I like this celebration. It’s so fun! Do you?

Sure, I do. It’s nice and unusual.

/ei/ hey, say, celebration

/ai/ Mike, like, fine, nice

3. Look, match and say what children do for the celebrations at school.

Learn to talk about celebrations Learn to talk about celebrations

To decorate a room;

To take part in a competition;

To have a festive meal;

To have a concert.

E x a m p l e: Children have concerts at school.

4. Look and say:

– what celebrations children may have at school;

– how they decorate their room/assembly hall;

– what they can do at these celebrations.

E x a m p l e: Children may have a big party on the Teacher’s Day. They decorate the assembly hall with beautiful flowers, balloons and flags. They take part in concerts, competitions.

5. Listen and role-play.


Mike: Hey, Oksana, where are you going with such a big shopping bag?

Oksana: To the supermarket, to buy milk and butter. Mum wants to bake a big apple pie.

Mike: I’ve tasted

your mum’s pie. It’s so tasty! Are you celebrating any holiday today?

Oksana: You may say so. My great granddad is coming from Canada today. He hasn’t been to Ukraine

For many years and we want to please him with a real Ukrainian dinner.

Mike: I’m sure your great granddad will like our Ukrainian borsch and varenyks. Your mum cooks so well.

Oksana: You are right. And we all help mum make a nice party. My elder sister embroidered a table cloth, I’ve decorated the room with many-coloured balloons and my dad has bought a few CDs with Ukrainian music.

Mike: I believe, it’ll be a great family get together.

Oksana: Do you want to meet my great granddad?

Mike: I’d love to. It’s so interesting to meet a Canadian Ukrainian.

Oksana: Then come to my place on Sunday at 5.

Mike: Thanks for the invitation. No problem.


– Where are you going with Such a big shopping bag?

– Your mum’s pie is So tasty!

– Your mum cooks so well.

6. Let’s play a grammar changing game. Use the box.

E x a m p l e:

A: It is such a good concert.

B: The concert is so good.

A good concert;

A festive mood;

A big balloon;

A beautiful decoration;

A tasty meal.

7. Read and complete.

E x a m p l e: The festive meal is so tasty!

1. The festive meal is so… .

2. You have such a… .

3. The concert is so… .

4. We have made such a… .

5. The competition is so… .

6. The party is so… .

8. Speak with your friend about your family holiday.

Learn to talk about celebrations

On your Own. Look at Oksana’s photo of a family holiday and write 6-7 sentences about it. Begin with:

Learn to talk about celebrations

I believe Oksana’s family has a nice family get together. They’re sitting at a holiday table…

9. Read and say what the girl’s family holiday is.


I believe everybody likes to celebrate. In Japan children enjoy different celebrations. They can get together on these days and have a lot of fun.

Learn to talk about celebrations

But there are also special days for Japanese children – their birthdays when they are 3, 5 and 7. At this age there is a special celebration called Shichi-Go-San (Seven-five-three in Japanese). Yesterday I celebrated my seventh birthday and it was such an unforgettable day!

I got up early and my mum presented me with a new beautiful kimono. I put it on and looked into the mirror. My granny said, “You look so nice in it! Now you are quite a big girl”. I was happy to hear that.

So, all my family members went to shrine*. There were many people there. Children got special sweets. After that we went home.

When I was coming up to our house, I saw many red and yellow balloons on the door. Then I heard the voices of my friends. They were waiting for me in the sitting room. I opened the door and they cried, “Surprise, Myo! Happy Birthday!” And our party began.

We ate a tasty meal, played computer games, danced and sang. My dad organized interesting competitions for my guests and we took part in them gladly. I liked “Magic Box” competition best: he, who finds a magic box, gets a nice present inside. So, all my friends got something to remember my birthday. It’s fun, isn’t it?

* shrine – храм у Японії.

10. True or False?

1. In Japan children like to get together.

2. There are special birthdays for boys.

3. Myo celebrated her birthday with friends.

4. Her mother presented her with balloons.

5. Children got special sweets.

6. Myo liked “Magic Box” competition.

11. Act as Myo and talk about your favourite holiday. Use:

Learn to talk about celebrations

To get together;

An unforgettable holiday;

To get special sweets;

To put on a new kimono;

To like “Magic Box” competition best;

To have much fun.

12. Talk about your special holiday. Use:

Personally, … . My special holiday… . I like… . Besides, I enjoy… .

… on this day. My friends… . Usually… . But sometimes… .

13. Write about your birthday. Use:

What is it? When is it? Who do you like to celebrate it with? What do you like to do on this day? What makes it so nice?

Do it Yourself! Draw a picture of your favourite holiday and write 7-8 sentences about its celebration.

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