Lesson 3 Shopping

1. Put the verbs in brackets into the be going to form.

1. What you (do) with this room? – I (paint) the walls in black and white. 2. The men in the helicopter (try) to help the man in the water. 3. These two men (cycle) across Africa. 4. The man is standing up. He (make) speech. 5. He (grow) a beard when he leaves school. 6. You (reserve) a seat? 7. I (plant) an apple tree here. 8. I (have) a bath. 9. I (not sleep) in this room. It is very small. 10. It (rain). Look at those clouds. 11. That man with the tomato in his hand (throw) it at the dog. 12. The cat (have) kittens. 13. That door (close). 14. When you (bake) a cake? 15. I (stop) her for a moment to ask a question. 16. You (ask) him to help you? 17. I’ve lent you my book once. I (not do) it again. 18. I saw the play. Now I (read) the book.

2. Use the table to make up sentences about the grandfather.

My grandfather was



lived in

North of England.

He had a fish and chip shop in

Old village.

His family lived above



He made



Best fish and chips in the area

Some people came by

No article

Bus to the shop.

He closed the shop one


They went to have

Lunch with friends.

He liked to have

A chat with his friends.

3. Pair work.

A) Role-play a conversation as suggested in tbe instructions.

Pupil A: Talk with your partner about the last time you went to a clothing store. What did you buy? What was the store like? Did the salesperson help you? How?

Pupil B. Ask your partner about a visit to a store. What store did she/he go to? What

did she/he look for? What did she/he buy? Then tell the class about your partner’s visit to the store.

B) Change the roles and role-play the conversation one more time.

4. Look at the pictures and try to match them with the names of different shops. Use the dictionary if necessary.

Where to buy what?





Record Shop

Book Shop





Electrical Store


Shoe Shop



Men’s Clothing Shop



Ladies’ Clothing Shoi

5. Look at the picture and say what you can buy at this greengrocer’s.


Model: As far as I can see, I can buy some tomatoes at this greengrocer’s.

6. Types of restaurants. Match the pictures with the conversations.


A) What kind of food do they serve? – Prawn, crabs, lobsters and fish.

B) Where would you like to go for lunch? – Let’s go to a pizza place.

C) Where do you want to go for lunch? – I feel like a light lunch. Let’s go to the cafе́.

D) What kind of food would you like? – How about a steak?

7. Listen and read the dialogues. Act them out with your partner. Then make up similar ones.

Dialogue 1

Annie: It’s your turn to choose the restaurant, Tony. Where do you want to go for dinner?

Tony: I am not sure.

Annie: Do you like “The Bay room”? It has got good food. Oh, how about Antonio’s?

Tony: I like Antonio’s more than the Bayroom. It’s not as crowded. It’s less expensive. And it’s a lot more fun.

Annie: OK. Let’s go to Antonio’s then. I am going to make a reservation for 7:30 p. m.

Tony: Great!

Dialogue 2

Restaurant employee: Southern Accent. Good evening.

Mr. Blake: Yes, hello. I’d like to make a reservation for a party of seven.

Restaurant employee: For what night?

Mr. Blake: For tonight at 8:00.

Restaurant employee: Could you hold, please, while I check?

Mr. Blake: Yes, certainly.


Restaurant employee: Thank you for holding. I’m sorry, sir, but 8:00 is going to be difficult tonight. Could you come at 7:15 or 8:45 instead?

Mr. Blake: I think 7:15 is OK.

Restaurant employee: Very good. And the name?

Mr. Blake: Blake.

Restaurant employee: Thank you, Mr. Blake.

8. Write sentences about James, Linda and Tom, and finally about yourself.


Model: James never drinks tea. He is always late. He…

9. Get ready to speak on the topic “Shopping”.

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