Моя батьківщина

Мета: активізувати вживання ЛО теми в мовленні учнів; практикувати учнів робити самостійні висловлювання на основі раніше вивченого матеріалу; удосконалювати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення; продовжувати розвивати навички аудіювання, читання, письма; продовжувати виховувати інтерес до вивчення іноземної мови.

Обладнання: презентація, диски з аудіозаписами, підручник.




Т. Dear pupils, today we’ll speak about Ukraine. Ukraine has always been a rich country with its traditions. We’ll make an excursion around Ukraine.



Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

Т. We live in Ukraine and I hope you love your native land. Tell me, please what is Homeland (Motherland) for you.

Let’s make the word-map.

Think and name some reasons for travelling to Ukraine.

Start like this:

? People travel to Ukraine.

Pupils make up sentences.

OK. There are many reasons for travelling to Ukraine, because our Homeland is very beautiful and people in Ukraine are very hospitable, aren’t they?

Ps. Yes, they are.

So as you’ve already understood today we’ll speak about our native land, our Motherland. So as you’ve already understood today we’ll speak about our native land, our Motherland. What associations do you have with the words UKRAINE?

? cities

? rivers

? seas

? lakes

? mountain

? capital

? population

? territory

? flag

? emblem

? population

– Make sentences using these words.

Look at the blackboard

and match the first part of the phrase to the second one to make up a proverb.

1. East or West…

A) …likes its nest

2. Every bird…

B) …like home

3. There is no place…

C) …home is best

– Give Ukrainian equivalents of these proverbs.

Перегляд відеофільму про Україну

Do you know the modern Ukraine well? And now we are watching the film about Ukraine.

І. Answer the questions.

Where is Ukraine situated? Is Ukraine a large country? What is the territory of Ukraine? What is the population of Ukraine? What is the national currency? What is the symbol of Kyiv? Where is Ukraine situated? What is the biggest river in Ukraine? What is the National Ukrainian dish? What are the symbols of Ukraine? What does Ukrainian flag symbolize?

ІІ. True or False.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. The Ukrainian flag has got tree stripes on it. The other symbol of Ukraine is chestnut tree. The Dnipro is the longest river in Ukraine. Ukrainian people are proud of their Motherland. Kyiv is a very modern city. The 28th June is the Independence Day. Ukraine borders on Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Kazakhstan. In Kyiv you can see many high buildings.

Keys: 1 F, biggest; 2 F, two; 3 F, Kyiv; 4 T; 5 T; 6 F, oldest; 7 F, 24 of August; 8 F, Russia; 9 T.


I want you, children to know more information about national symbols of Ukraine.

Please, answer my questions, then read the text and say if statements below are true or false.

– Answer the questions.

What are the national symbols of Ukraine? What does our flag symbolise? Who are the authors of the anthem? Can you recite the Ukrainian version of the anthem? Do you know how to behave while listening to the anthem?

Text “National symbols of Ukraine”

There are the main official symbols of Ukraine: emblem, flag and anthem.

Our national emblem is a golden trident on a blue background. The trident is a symbol of power. It’s about 1000 years old. It was depicted on the coins of Volodymyr the Great (979-1015), the Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Why was the trident chosen as the emblem of Ukraine? The three points of the trident symbolize the trinity of life: Father, Mother, Child. They symbolize Might, Wisdom and Love.

Besides, three is thought to be a magic number. We can find a lot of examples with this number in folk tales three epic heroes, three wishes, three roads.

Перевірка розуміння прочитаного

– Say if these statements are true or false.

Our national symbol is a red star on a blue background. The trident is a symbol of power. The trident is a newly founded symbol. The trident is about 1000 years old. It was depicted on the cons of Volodymyr the Great. The three points mean Love, Friendship and Success. The number “three” is a magic number.


Т. What you tell me about our country. Please, describe our country with help of the using letters.

U – …

K – …

R – …

A – …

I – …

N – …

E – …

So, Ukraine is.

What did we do at our lesson today? What did you like the most?

Т. Finish the sentences about the lesson:

The topic of the lesson was. It was interesting to get to know / to do. Now after the lesson I can.

Домашнє завдання

Підготувати розповідь про Україну.

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