Lesson 48

Lesson 48

1. Answer the questions about summer.

Lesson 48

1. What are summer months?

2. What is the usual weather for summer in Ukraine?

3. What do people usually wear in summer in Ukraine?

2. Describe summer in your native town/village.

3. Read the words and word combinations and say what young people usually do in summer and what they do in winter.

To bathe/swim in the river, to play indoor games, to play snowballs, to bathe/ swim in the sea, to skate, to sunbathe, to sledge, to play outdoors games, to visit relatives, to make a snowman, to go to the forest, to ski, to gather mushrooms and berries, to have a good time

4. Read about Andriy’s summer holidays and answer the questions.


Every year in June, July and August I have summer holidays. I love my holidays because I always have a good time.

My family often

goes to the sea in summer. We usually swim in the sea, sunbathe and play games. Sometimes we don’t go to the sea. Then we go to the village to visit our relatives. We also have a good time there because we go to the forest and gather mushrooms and berries. I love summer and summer holidays.

Lesson 48

1. When do you have your summer holidays?

2. Where do you go in summer?

3. What do you do in summer?

4. Do you like to gather mushrooms and berries?

5. Do you like to swim in the river or in the sea?

6. Do you visit your relatives in summer?

7. Do you like to play games in summer?

8. You like to spend your holidays with friends, don’t you?

9. Do you go to foreign countries in summer? What countries have you visited?

10. Have you ever been to a summer camp? Do you enjoy staying there?

11. Why do you love summer holidays?

5. Write and then tell the class about your summer holidays.

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Lesson 48 - Англійська мова