Lesson 47

Lesson 47

1. Answer the questions about spring.

Lesson 47

1. What are spring months?

2. What is the usual weather for spring in Ukraine?

3. What do people usually wear in spring in Ukraine?

2. Describe spring in your native town/village.

3. Write German? rench equivalents to English words and word combinations. Make up three sentences with them.

Spring, April, March, May, month, season, green leaves.

4. Read about spring. Do you like this season? Why? Why not?

Spring is the season of hope and happiness. The sun warms the earth. The birds come back from the south. The trees begin to bud and soon tiny green leaves will appear. Everything looks covered with green carpet. The spring months are April, March and May.

5. Read and learn the poems.


One simple word

Such word as “spring”

May wake your soul,

Fulfil your dreams

It isn’t only time of year,

It comes and change the land and sky.

It brings new life into the air,

You feel so strong that you can fly.

The sunshine will destroy your fear

New love will give you angel’s wings.

I wish you: save this atmosphere

For all your life, for hundred springs.

(Olga Boichuk)


March wind is a jolly fellow;

He likes to joke and play.

He turns umbrellas inside out

And blows hats away.

He calls the pussy willows

And whispers in each ear,

“Wake up you lazy little seeds;

Don’t you know that spring is here?”

6. Write down 5-7 sentences about how you usually spend your leisure time in spring.

Lesson 47

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Lesson 47 - Англійська мова